Batman V Superman reportedly gets standing ovation from insider screening; Ben Affleck’s Batman scene-stealer

When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s first trailer arrived, it had to contend with Star Wars. Yet Warner Bros. pieced together a teaser which could only divide fans further. It was vague, not exposing much, and continued reaffirming DC’s strong stance on keeping a grim tone throughout its universe. And expectations were really high, especially since this will be the world’s first ever attempt on piecing together the big three DC heroes- Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. After all, this was coming after the widely reviled Man of Steel, where people weren’t pleased on the outcome of the battle between Zod and Superman, and people didn’t want another Man of Steel. Then, the Comic-Con trailer arrived, and reception improved dramatically. People were now keen on catching this film next year. I mean, there’s Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Batman and Superman fighting, and the trailer showed that we weren’t gonna miss any of those, so why not? However, some were still reserved in their approach, since Zack Snyder has always been a man of grand ambitions, where his trailers have always raised expectations to a colossal level, before disappointing big time with the final product.

This will then be good news for those who have doubts about Zack Snyder and the new Batman, it seems. According to Den of Geek, a close to finish cut was filmed and previewed to Warner Bros insiders and the crew members, and it received a standing ovation. Of course, that’s if those people aren’t just kinda clapping merely because they were hoping for the worse, but yeah, signs are definitely good, and it looks like DC has successfully kick-started their DC Movie Universe in the right direction, at least if we trust these reports.

batman v superman dawn of justice

And apparently, Ben Affleck was such a scene stealer, and so impressive at the role, there he was termed “The Definitive Batman”. No jokes, but it was always going to be tough to beat Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan’s previous ‘Definitive’ version of Batman. If Ben Affleck can beat that, you know what that means. Due to this, Warner Bros. is also apparently working out a deal where Affleck will play 10 years worth of Batman, while also appearing in his own trilogy of Batman solo-films, in which we previously know, that Affleck will be writing and directing the first of that trio.

Of course, all the information given above might all be false alarm. Warner Bros. insiders might merely be attempting to build buzz ahead of release, and resorting to these claims in order to get people hyped up about it. Perhaps Warner Bros. insiders who caught the film were just merely given a show of encouragement to Snyder and his team, who have worked their heads off in producing this film of epic proportions. Or perhaps the film was horrible, and Warner Bros. insiders were just trying to cheer Snyder and his team up. Whatever it is, I’m hoping for the best, so yeah, until then, let’s just say this film is great. Until we see the final footage next March, we won’t get to know a thing.


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