Box Office Report: Minions and bananas beat dinosaurs and emotions; Self/less ended up life/less, Gallows sour

The results prove one thing- The minions are still the most popular thing ever. For little kids, anyway. And it looks like sales of bananas are gonna skyrocket. Thanks, Minions, for free advertising. You just built strong bones. Oh, and you contributed to obesity. Goodbye to the perfect life we envisioned.

On to a more serious notes, and the facts, which you’re here for- as if there was going to be much doubt, Minions probably harassed everyone with their weird language which no one understands, allowing it to attain first position this weekend. When I mean first, I mean $115.72 million over its opening weekend. That’s in around 4301 theaters nationwide, providing a per-theater average of $26,905. That might not even make it into the top 10 biggest domestic openings of all time- if you want to get into that prestigious list, earning $151.1 million is all the current record wants to give you one of those spots. However, worth mentioning is that this allow Minions to beat Toy Story 3’s $110.31 million debut back in 2010 to become the second biggest animated film opening of all time. Its Friday to opening weekend ratio shows signs of front-loadedness though, at 1:2.51. Comparing to other animated openings, its worse than Inside Out’s 1:2.64 earlier this summer, and comparing it to Shrek 3’s 1:3.11 and Toy Story 3’s 1:2.68, is further behind. As compared to other high profile animated movie sequels in the past few years, Monsters University’s ratio was at 1:2.70. Blame it on strong audience anticipation. This film has seen so much hype- by looking at its Facebook page alone, it has 31.65 million likes, and that’s not even sharing pages with any of the other installments in the franchise. That’s one of the most liked Facebook pages of all time, if you’re wondering. Goodwill has been generated from the past installments as well, which all saw rather great holding power. Minions is also arriving in a time where kids are all already on their summer breaks- unlike openings outside of this ‘peak season’, kids are able to rush out on Friday to catch this film. Anyways, this franchise has been wildly popular for a few years now- it surpassed expectations yet again, in which it was only pegged to earn $100 million. Universal must be feeling real cocky now, considering this is their third $100 million opening of the year, after Furious 7 and Jurassic World. And their slate this year also consists of Ted 2, Pitch Perfect 2 and Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, their barrage of sequels has allowed Universal to attain a 26.8% market share, far ahead of Disney with 19.6% and Warner Bros with 18.3%. Despite being far more front-loaded than its predecessors, that shouldn’t matter much- it far outpaces the openings of both Despicable Me 2 ($90.03 million 3-day start), and Despicable Me is even further behind. However, with rather mixed reviews (54% on rotten tomatoes), we might be looking at a more front-loaded opening, though moviegoers gave it an A cinemascore. In terms of demographics, 89% of moviegoers were female, and 55% were under the ripe age of 25. Families contributed 60% of this weekend’s earning, rather expected considering Minions is a kids only affair, and parents usually come along in such occasions. In terms of worldwide cumulative gross to date, thanks to early overseas openings last weekend, the current gross stands at $403.5 million, of which $288 million came from international territories. Overseas, the film earned $130.7 million this weekend from 56 territories, with a long life ahead of it. This definitely stands a chance of being Universal’s third film this year and ever of hitting the once coveted, now really ordinary $1 billion milestone, and the biggest film in the franchise yet.

Whew, that was long. Moving on- Jurassic World managed to beat out Inside Out again, probably due to the arrival of Minions which shared most of the same demographics, but don’t take that wrongly- both still held up extraordinarily. It earned ‘only’ $18.151 million over its 5th weekend, representing a drop of 37.9%. That’s the seventh largest weekend no.5 performance of all time unadjusted, and at this point of time still has enough fuel to propel it ahead of Avengers’ domestic gross if $623.36 million, though not by much. Jurassic World is still beating Avengers on weekdays, but over weekends, it looks like its lagging behind. The film’s at $590.7 million domestically, fourth all time, and $1,467,916,706 worldwide, good enough for fifth on that chart, though it probably is going to beat every movie (except James Cameron’s movies, he’s impossible to beat) to reach third on that chart. That’s great for a film that before its premiere, was only presumed to earn $300 million domestically, and just shy of a billion dollars worldwide. That’s nostalgia for you.

Inside Out managed to have one weekend on top, but Disney must be crying so badly, for it lost out… once again. It earned $17.66 million this weekend, a drop of 40.7%. That’s rather impressive considering there is lots of competition from Minions, though that’s probably due to this one having a four-quadrant demographic appeal, considering its Pixar, and its critically acclaimed, scoring a 98% rating on rotten tomatoes. It has earned $284.2 million to date. When compared to other Pixar movies before, it ranks fourth at the moment- behind Up ($289 million), Finding Nemo ($339.7 million) and Toy Story 3 ($415 million). Expect this film to end of somewhere in the vicinity of Finding Nemo’s final gross.

Both Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL held up better than widely believed. Terminator: Genisys held better over its second weekend compared to its predecessors, dropping only 48.8%, to $13.83 million. In comparison, the previous installment, Terminator: Salvation dipped 61.4% from its first to its second weekend, though that might be attributed to the fact that Genisys burned off some demand by opening 2 days earlier, and last Saturday’s box office in general was down, thanks to it being Independence Day. Before that, Rise of the Machines dipped 55.8% percent over the same frame back in 2003. Its better hold might also be due to it being relatively soft last week.

Magic Mike XXL was also caught in the same situation, being able to hold up really well, though this case is more surprising, considering it showed signs of being really front-loaded last week.It dipped only 25.5% this weekend, which is much smaller than the 60% seen by the original Magic Mike. Thats really spectacular. Anyways, it earned $9.58 million this weekend, for a cumulative gross of $48.3 million.

The two new holdovers, in general, were rather pathetic. The better of the duo, The Gallows, opened with $9.8 million. That’s fairly in line with expectations, though thats really low. Horror movies have entered what seems to be a slump again, one which is probably about to continue, until at least Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension brings some life into the genre again this Halloween. That opening was good enough for a fifth position on the charts, and its Friday to opening weekend ratio was 1:2.18. To compare with other recent horror movies, Poltergeist had a ratio of 1:2.41, whereas Insidious Chapter 3 had a ratio of 1:2.17. Obviously, The Gallows is in a far worse position at the moment- whereas Insidious 3 had the excuse of being front-loaded because of the nature of it being a sequel, The Gallows was an original film. This shows worrying signs going forward, but there’s nothing to worry for New Line and Warner Bros- this film’s budget is minimal, at $1 million, and this domestic opening alone, without taking into account an international grosses, already gave this film 10x its budget within just 3 days.

The only other wide opener, Self/Less, wasn’t even close- it opened with a mere $5.38 million, once again showing that star-driven action/sci-fi vehicles just don’t work. Ryan Reynolds here won’t have much to worry about at the moment though- his Deadpool film will be arriving in theaters early next year, so rumors that he won’t lead ever again because, erm, like Taylor Kitsch, somehow every film he stars in becomes a misfire. That opening is certainly nothing to cheer about, when you realize its budget is $26 million.

As compared to last year, the top 12 this year earned a massive $202.9 million, 46.4% ahead of the $138.6 million from last year, when Dawn of the Planet of the Apes premiered. In fact, those numbers are the second biggest this weekend has seen yet, losing to 2011’s $251.65 million, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 launched to much fanfare, for it was the final installment in what is one of the most popular novels of all time.

Here’s the top 10, without any further ado:

Rank Last Week Rank Film Weekend Gross Change Total Gross Per-Theater Average Week
1 Minions $115,718,405 $115,718,405 $26,905 1
2 2 Jurassic World $18,151,275 -37.9% $590,689,595 $5,275 5
3 1 Inside Out $17,665,796 -40.7% $284,196,100 $4,848 4
4 3 Terminator: Genisys $13,830,369 -48.8% $68,848,110 $3,656 2
5 The Gallows $9,808,463 $9,808,463 $3,606 1
6 4 Magic Mike XXL $9,582,350 -25.5% $48,301,179 $2,838 2
7 5 Ted 2 $5,666,310 -49.3% $71,684,895 $2,610 3
8 Self/Less $5,379,000 $5,379,000 $2,286 1
9 Baahuball: The Beginning $3,575,000 $3,575,000 $15,148 1
10 6 Max $3,542,406 -46.5% $33,826,601 $1,697 3

Check back again next week, when Marvel returns back into theaters after a somewhat disappointing reception to Avengers: Age of Ultron with their first film which ever went into production, Ant-Man. Also opening is Trainwreck, the next film from the great mind of Judd Apatow, which has been receiving rave reviews.


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