Trailer Showcase: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is mind-blowingingly good

I can’t wait any longer. Just throw this down at me right now. Like now.

The latest trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been launched, right after its comic-con debut got lots of love from everyone at the scene. This was going to be DC’s next movie, and their big one before Justice League arrives (and before that Suicide Squad). All eyes were on this film, for Man of Steel was deemed controversial- an inferior start to what is supposedly a DC shared universe, and despite having Christopher Nolan attached as both the writer and producer, this film just couldn’t hit the quality of the critically-acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy.

batman V superman: dawn of justice poster

It has always been hard to ground superhero movies, due to the outlandish super powers which most of the heroes possess. The Dark Knight Trilogy pulled this off with ease, though, because deep inside its a film about humans. Its humans fighting humans, assuming an identity of a superhero movie. In its core, there’s nothing extraordinary about it- whatever happens within the films could really happen, as long as the ingredients are present- 1)Someone who’s so damn rich that he couldn’t spend his money productively and 2)pathetic police force who can’t do a thing to stop any of the villains and realize that Batman isn’t the one they should be after. Let’s say the police force is non-existent- Batman, in those films, represented law and order, and he enforced it against those terrorists who are trying to bring hell to earth. There was no superpowers- just gadgets, brute strength and lots of money. Man of Steel tried to do so, probably because Christopher Nolan is involved, and he can’t stand making a humorous movie, because ermmm, that’s how you create a melodrama. But that’s one of the problems of Man of Steel, because apparently grounded means being dark and being a no-jokes affair. Man of Steel was for the most part, uninviting, and unless you can stand widespread destruction without much comic relief, this isn’t for you.

This Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer only reaffirms that the tone used will be really similar. Most of the big action set pieces for this one will be occurring late at night. Somehow, most of the film is dark, except a couple of scenes. Though it does clear up lots of questions which arose over the course of this film’s development.

Another controversial part of Man of Steel would be when General Zod and Superman just blasted each other from skyscraper to skyscraper through Metropolis, as if they’re all part of a video game, and destruction is nothing at all. People were scratching their heads, not because they couldn’t understand a thing that’s going on- is that how they converse on Krypton?-, but because the widespread impact on people wasn’t explored much at all.

The Marvel cinematic universe has been a ‘dream come true’ affair for all comic fans alike, but none of those films have explored the impact of the presence of superheroes. Somehow, superheroes aren’t regarded with prestige, and its mostly a ‘superhero VS villain’ affair, with civilians only relegated to extras, running for their lives whenever something seeks to wreck the place up. Captain America: Civil War will hopefully seek to be a step forward in terms of looking at how superheroes are not being regarded as threats, and how the government seeks to establish a bit of control over them. However, I don’t see how the civilian factor will fit in, apart from maybe a one-two liner revealing the government’s intention behind the whole Registration act. That’s where Batman V Superman shines though, for it explores how Superman is now viewed as a god, after saving Metropolis (by killing lots more). I mean, how do you expect yourself to behave if someone comes in and starts to neutralize anything which threatens world peace? With out of the world powers which can only only feel jealous about? That’s what this film will tackle, having several glimpses of people looking up towards him. However, you should be asking- what about Metropolis’ destruction? Apparently, the senator isn’t too happy about this, alongside a couple of raging protestors already stationed outside the court, holding up banners proclaiming their opposition. Simply- people are divided on whether they should embrace superman- do we view him like a god, or a threat to mankind’s existence? Even though Superman clearly does not have any bad agenda, for he says in Man of Steel that he grew up in Kansas after all, and is as American as everyone else, this reflects a very genuine debate, especially if such an issue were to plague our society.

Batman V Superman

That’s not all. Metropolis’ destruction was probably not expected to be as large a scale as portrayed. Hey, Superman might have thought that a peaceful negotiation was on the lines, but people do make mistakes, after all. However, that means many innocent lives lost. Zack Snyder heard you guys. He’s gonna use this controversy to support Batman’s cause. Simply, he’s answering your question, and making you stop having an doubts, because, maybe he wanted that all along. Universe building and anticipation for a sequel, as you should know. Whatever it is, Batman isn’t really that happy, because Wayne Enterprise’s building in Metropolis was destroyed, taking dozens of lives along with it. Obviously, Batman isn’t pleased, and sets out to destroy Superman, after finally agreeing to the consensus that he is a threat after all, and being reminded that his parents have died.

Okay, I’m not going to dwell so much into the trailer any further, this isn’t suppose to be an essay after all, so I’ll just stop with my rambling and state the key points and major revelations.

This trailer is pack brimmed with easter eggs, new plot information and most importantly- Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, unlike the relatively unrevealing first trailer. Robin’s costume officially features in this trailer, though its on display with inscriptions proving that the Joker did indeed kill Robin, making Batman feel guilty and having a sense of vengeance. Lex Luthor does appear in quite a number of shots, though the rather shocking thing would be that for the entirety of the trailer, he doesn’t look close to being bald. Even though Warner Bros released a shot of the bald him, it doesn’t look like Warner Bros is going to traverse through the same territory, instead having a different take on a popular Superman villain which has appeared tons of times already. This version, apart from being younger, looks creepily more menacing. He chants ‘The red capes are coming’ in a sinister tone, and he doesn’t look like someone to mess with. We do see shots of Zod, further boosting speculations that Doomsday might appear after all, though there’s definitely no signs of that anywhere in the trailer.

Is the Joker going to appear?
Is the Joker going to appear?

This trailer is Batman-focused though- he takes the center spot. Superman doesn’t really have much action sequences featured here, apart from those featuring him taking on the caped crusader. Instead, Batman is everywhere in this trailer. Wonder Woman appears briefly, only in 2 rather quick shots, which makes me wonder whether her involvement here is quite negligible after all, apart from the climatic scene. This trailer somehow makes me feel like there’s something more coming, without any clear indication of how the climax is going to play out. Scenes of Wonder Woman releasing a shockwave and Superman flying through wreckage engulfed in flames doesn’t seem like scenes involving Batman VS Superman- how is Superman going to be so cold-hearted? Doing so will just aggravate fans further anyways, considering the widespread disapproval of Metropolis destruction. This sequence, I speculate, will be part of the climax, where Batman and Superman have joined forces to take down a common threat in the name of Lex Luthor, but even he shouldn’t be capable of causing such widespread destruction. (Is Doomsday really coming? Don’t you think Lex feels like a whole level below Batman for ending the film off with?) That’s where I think Warner Bros. has marketed the film well- instead of revealing exactly what they will be facing off against at the climax, they instead focus on Batman and Superman’s face-off, which is probably the sequence which is going to get people into theaters anyway. Aquaman and Cyborg are nowhere to be found in the trailer lasting over 3 minutes, though they have minor roles after all, and with such limited amount of scenes, shouldn’t be spoiled to anyone until the launch date itself.

Of course, Batman’s history is going to be revisited again- what’s new about this?. That means, we are gonna see Batman’s parents get shot all over again, and some background history explaining who he is. After all, not everyone caught hold of the Dark Knight trilogy, and some might be new to the franchise, and Batman isn’t going to get his solo movie for a few years down the road. There’s a couple of horses riding in what seems to be one of the most random, unexplainable shots in the trailer, though I believe it has something to do with Ra’s Al Ghul yet again, though these sequences will probably take up 10 minutes max. Whatever it is, it seems like Ben Affleck’s casting was perfect after all, and that should be the case, considering he is going to have a major presence from this point on- more so than Superman, anyways, because of his relationship with Wonder Woman and Robin, and the Joker (making his appearance in Suicide Squad, where he’s going to be pursued in one scene by the bat mobile).

Whatever one has previously said about this film, it looks about as epic as one can wish for. Although the action sequences that occur at night look really cheesy (stylish, in a sort of way), it looks like Warner Bros. has a winner here. However, that’s what everyone thought for Man of Steel too, before everyone erupted in flames over how Zack Snyder ruined the film. It’s good to see franchise mainstays like Alfred (Jeremy Irons), Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Martha Kent (Diana Lane) and Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). The common complain at the moment about superhero team-ups in general is that not everyone will be adequately developed over the course of the film, so here’s hoping that with Chris Terrio’s add-on to the film’s script (which apparently brought lots of drama and development to the film’s characters), so here’s me wishing for the best, and that Batman V Superman will correct all the problems that came along with Man of Steel, and put this universe back on the right track for Suicide Squad’s launch later that year. Praises coming from the film’s cast helps to revitalize hope that this film is going to be great (they come from Oscar- caliber actors like Jesse Eisenberg, Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons) All I know is, it’s going to be a fun and long ride ahead, and it’s definitely keeping my adrenaline pumping. I have left this trailer on replay for close to 10 times now, after all.

Anyways, just asking (answer this after you watch the trailer)- don’t you think that this trailer somehow represents Batman with darkness, and Superman with light. Like Superman represents hope for a better future, a light ahead shining into the darkness, while Batman represents a complete lack of hope, and a future encapsulated by darkness? And seriously, why can’t Perry White just realize that Clark Kent is Superman without the glasses? This is really getting ridiculous.

Expect everyone to go bonkers next March, probably giving way to one of the year’s biggest film, and probably a final gross of over a billion dollars. I mean, who can resist the urge of going to the theater to watch Batman face off against Superman, while also having roles for Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman and Cyborg? Hey, watching Superman and Batman come together is far more rewarding then watching the Avengers come together. That’s my view, anyway.

Now, here’s the trailer for your personal enjoyment, in case you were wondering why I was only rambling, and not showing anything.


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