And the director of Han Solo’s Star Wars spin off film is…

For those fans wondering whether one of the most beloved franchise of all times is in good hands, all I can say is rest assured, they are. For those who still haven’t heard, Star Wars is returning to theaters this year for the start of yet another trilogy, and no, it’s not going to be a one-off. This series is roaring back to life, with new installments every single year, and since some are craving for spin-offs on their favorite Star Wars character, that’s coming too, releasing every two years (so, one year spin off, one year trilogy film). Ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, they have been looking hard for new directors which have proven to be talented. One that won’t be as messy as what George Lucas brought along in his second prequel trilogy. And for the most part, they have succeeded. It has kept fans buzzing, upon hearing that J.J Abrams, who has brought us two fantastic installments in his Star Trek reboot (third’s out next year, but no Abrams), is coming in to helm the first ever Star Wars film in a decade. Making matters better would be the fact that he’s an avid fan of the series, and he’s gonna use lots of practical effects. Meaning closer to the first trilogy rather than the second.Oh, and to remind you once again why you’re gonna love Star Wars Episode VII, the original cast, including Harrison Ford, are returning; Bond man Daniel Craig is going to play a storm trooper, oh and seriously, because it’s Star Wars.

star wars force awakens 2

Now back on track, as everyone knows, every casting choice is going to be viewed with scrutiny, and it’s great that  Disney and Lucasfilm have been able to pick some of the biggest up and coming directors to helm their next few film. Examples- Rogue One (2016) will be helmed by Gareth Edwards, the guy who brought you the somewhat controversial, but overall tense and fun Godzilla flick last year as well as indie hit Monsters back in 2010; and Star Wars Episode IX will be helmed by Rian Johnson, who brought you the memorable Looper. All these choices thus far have been hits among fans, and have brought nothing but praises, but nothing (except Abrams, he’s on a whole new level) is gonna be better than knowing, that the guys who brought you R-rated comedy hits 21 and 22 Jump Street, and the kids friendly The Lego Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That’s none other than Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. And they’re being tagged to write a script for the upcoming The Flash movie (though according to certain news sites they are exiting the production) and an animated Spider-Man movie for Sony. Most of the films above have something in common- they are based on pre-established properties. Jump Street was based on a TV series starring Johnny Depp in the 80s, LEGO movie is based on an existing toy, while all the superheroes above have origins in the comics dating back to 1940. One thing is clear- this duo is capable of rebooting dormant series or hot properties, while making them cult-classics. Which makes this something to rave about. One thing is clear- Harrison Ford isn’t going to object to this.

star wars force awakens 1

Yes, the directors are capable of breeding critical and commercial favorites, but one thing remains unclear- why them? After all, all of their films to date have traversed upon the comedy genre. Does this imply that the Han Solo film is going to be half-comedy, half-adventure fantasy? Only time will tell whether they’re gonna stick with what they are best at, or totally move into an entirely new genre. Not unlike what James Wan did, when he transitioned  from horror filmmaker to action, sci-fi, superhero and horror filmmaker.

And that isn’t all today. The Disney also picked their screenwriters and slotted their release date for this film. First the screenwriters- father and son duo Lawrence and Jon Kasdan are joining this film as screenwriters. The former isn’t a bit of a surprise- he has had a long history with the franchise, being one of the writers of The Empire Strikes Back back in 1980. He also wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, and he has been chosen to write pretty much every Star Wars film that’s going to come out within the next 5 years. The surprising thing is him bring along his son, who has mostly been writing and directing indies and TV series to date. This will probably be his first big budget flick he gets, and its probably going to be the first of many.

Release date wise, its launching on May 25 2018. Which is over the Memorial Day weekend. Mark your calendars everyone- lets just watch how Han Solo influence our pop culture over the next few years, pretty much like how Star Wars influenced and revolutionised the film industry back when it first launched. Simply put, the Memorial Day weekend is going to be solely Star Wars starting from 2017, when Star Wars Episode VIII launches. Just like how Marvel has pretty much taken the first May weekend year after year. Whatever it is, expect competition to be mediocre and bleak at best.

It’s easy to understand why Star Wars has pretty much taken over every aspect of entertainment- TV, merchandise, theaters, and really soon… theme parks. It has become a pop culture icon, and is pretty much one of the first thing which comes across people’s minds when talking about Hollywood. After all, its the second highest grossing film domestically when accounting for inflation, with a ridiculous $1,446,331,100. And if you want to account for worldwide, go ahead- $3,020,000,000 worldwide, after accounting for inflation, also number 2, both behind Gone with the Wind. When Star Wars Episode VII opens this Christmas, expect the December all- time opening record to pretty much be smashed. And as if there haven’t been enough records broken this year already, expect this to obliterate the domestic and worldwide gross of Jurassic World. And potentially Titanic. And with a really slim chance, Avatar.

So, to summarize, 4 bits of news today- Phil Lord and Christopher Miller is your director, Jon and Lawrence Kasdan are your screenwriters, this film is releasing over the Memorial Day weekend in 2018, and the most important of them all- there’s going to be a Han Solo film. It’s official, no more rumors. And since you have spent time reading over a thousand words based on just this one line worth of news, here’s the trailer for you. If you want to rewatch it.

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