Box Office Report: Terminator: Genisys, Magic Mike XXL underperforms, Inside Out strikes first, Jurassic World close behind


Can someone create a giant brain? To gobble me up?
Can someone create a giant brain? To gobble me up?

Let’s start with the holdovers first, shall we?

For the first time ever, Inside Out grabs first over a complete 3-day weekend (Friday-Sunday). After 3 weeks, it finally got it. It attained $29.77 million this weekend, which wasn’t that far ahead of Jurassic World, with $29.24 million. Oh, and that was down 43% from last weekend, giving Inside Out a cumulative gross of $245.9 million. Its still aiming for $300 million, though its drop is probably not going to be that sweet to look at, considering Minions enters the picture next week. Which only spells trouble, for they both are aiming for little kids and their easily-persuaded parents.

Jurassic World finally stopped being the champion of the box office for the first time in 4 weeks, “only” earning $29.24 million, representing a drop of 46.4%. However, you can’t blame it on these holdovers this weekend- Independence Day fell on a Saturday this time round, meaning theaters were mostly empty on that day. That gave this weekend one less day to work with, and that day happened to be the biggest day of the week, in other instances (every other week). Regardless, its no laughing stock- it has earned $556.54 million, fourth on the all time domestic highest grossing films of all time, not accounting for inflation. This film will hopefully hold up better next week, with no holiday getting in the way. Oh, and it attained the third biggest grossing third weekend of all time, after Avatar and The Avengers.

Okay, lets just say this before I even write a thing- it seems like Inside Out and Jurassic World are seriously draining the box office. Remember the fatigue a few years back, when Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, Turbo, Planes and a whole other bunch of animated movies came out within the span of two months? Moviegoers had to make smart choices, and obviously went for the two move raved about properties- the former 2. It only showed theres a limit, and that there’s only so much the box office can take before it topples down. The past two weeks have been no exception- moviegoers have simply became tired, leaving no room for expansion. Inside Out and Jurassic World have mostly grabbed every single demographic and age group, resulting in the other films suffering. That kind of explains why Terminator: Genisys, Ted 2 and Magic Mike XXL have all sinked upon release. Now, lets go one by one:

Terminator: Genisys, the return of the once iconic franchise, was a letdown, to put it kindly. It earned $27.02 million in total over the official 3-day weekend, and $42.47 million since its launch. Lets just say- that figure is rather pathetic. Compare it to Terminator Salvation, which as many of you remember it, was horrible, introducing a brand new cast set solely in the future, after judgement day, and for the first time without Arnold, the figure that most relate with when thinking about Terminator. Yes, I’m starting to believe that James Cameron was either bribed into saying that this film is ‘fantastic’, because apparently everyone doesn’t find it that great, including critics. This film was already in hot trouble ever since its marketing campaign began, kindly spoiling every major spoiler for us right before we headed for the movie theaters. Which, by the way, made the whole film so un-suspenseful. Okay, back to my point- in its first 5 days, Terminator Salvation earned $65.3 million, which is around 35% ahead of the latest installment at the same point. Add in the fact that films releasing over this iconic holiday drop like a rock heading forward, and we might honestly see the first installment in this franchise which does not hit $100 million. Why does Paramount not lose hope in this anyway, when all the figures are staring right at their face? Why doesn’t Paramount ensure quality control over the priced James Cameron property? Of course, it won’t really matter anyways, considering it earned around $74 million in offshore territories this weekend from 46 territories. This film will at least recoup its budget, no doubt, which will lead to a mega problem we gotta address- stop the next one, titled Terminator: Screw everyone’s mind!!! Okay, before I get over with this film, here are some statistics- B+ cinemascore, 1.57:1 5-day to weekend ratio.

Magic Mike XXL was a shocking underperformer. Lets say it underperformed so much that it was as shocking as Ted 2 last weekend. Previous estimates had it hitting $40-$50 million over its 5 days, but hey, all it got was $27.89 million through its first 5 days. $12.86 million of which came from the official 3 day weekend. That, in comparison, is less than the fist film, which earned $49.62 million over its first 5 days. Seriously, even Magic Mike’s weekend was around $12 million more than what this earned over 5 full days. It looks like this franchise has lost its lustre, after the first one allowed girls around the world to see Channing Tatum embrace his stripping roots for the first time on the big screen, this seems more like an inferior retread. Somehow, girls when alone this time- even though female only made up over 70% of the crowd the last time, they took up 96% of the crowd this time round. 73% of moviegoers were over the age of 25, which is by itself astounding. Okay, the cinemascore isn’t really bad, at A-, compared to the previous film’s B. The film doesn’t seem to be having legs either- it has dropped massively, dipping close to 40% from its first to its second day, and 60% from Friday to Saturday. Expect this to struggle past the $50 million mark, but earning much more is going to be tough.

Despite a couple of disappointing turn-outs, they didn’t seem to help Ted 2. The previous film might have earned over $50 million on its opening weekend, whereas the latest installment might only have managed slightly over $33 million, but people expected this one to have legs at least. The answer? Nope. It dropped 66.7%, which is much bigger than the 40% or so the first film earned. Which means a majority of people who wanted to catch this rushed out over opening weekend. This is going to be way more front-loaded than anyone though. Cumulative grosses seat at $58.5 million. Nothing more.

Max dipped 45.6%, good enough for $6.62 million. In this process, it passed the $25 million mark, good for a counter-programmer. Thank that to relatively weak blockbuster performances lately.

Of course, despite this trend the past few weeks, not everything seems bad- the next few weeks will bring about Minions, Ant-Man and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, among other high profile releases. With all three looking to be hits, lets just say that the past two weekends have just been anomalies to a otherwise great summer. The worrying thing? There’s a really huge gap between the big blockbusters and the flops. There have been a really great amount of flops this year, but I won’t spend any more time talking about them here. Check back one day for an article on that. Anyway, this weekend was up 6% over last year, where Tammy opened in second, behind Transformers: Age of Extinction. And that ended up being one of the worst Independence Day weekend performances in recent memory. And this weekend isn’t any better, because if last year’s weekend wasn’t that pathetic, this would have potentially became the new crown owner of that record. Whatever it is, here are the top 10 for this weekend, for your enjoyment:

Rank Last Week Rank Film Weekend Gross Change Total Gross Per-Theater Average Week
1 2 Inside Out $29,771,224 -43.1% $245,891,395 $7,160 3
2 1 Jurassic World $29,242,025 -46.4% $556,542,980 $7,825 4
3 Terminator: Genisys $27,018,486 $42,474,183 $7,190 1
4 Magic Mike XXL $12,857,184 $27,890,003 $3,382 1
5 3 Ted 2 $11,171,520 -66.7% $58,500,630 $3,240 2
6 4 Max $6,617,389 -45.6% $25,378,166 $2,306 2
7 5 Spy $5,137,677 -35.1% $97,536,300 2,152 5
8 6 San Andreas $2,824,063 -47.7% $147,190,443 $1,689 6
9 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl $1,246,803 +25.6% $3,931,842 $1,433 4
10 7 Dope $1,118,117 -59.8% $14,124,389 $1,296 3

Check back next weekend for Minions, The Gallows, and Self/Less. Which probably only the former is going to turn out as a hit, whereas the other two settle for mediocrity.


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