Box Office Report: Jurassic World comes out first; Ted 2 disappoints

You see that mega dinosaur? Everything else is still as small as that shark.
You see that mega dinosaur? Everything else is still as small as that shark.

The title pretty much sums up this whole article. Yeah, you read it.

As expected, Jurassic World and Inside Out were really close (but not that close, if you read it inside out), being separated by around $2 million. The one film which some thought could rule the weekend after tracking kind of suggested so- Ted 2, meanwhile, underperformed to such a degree that Universal must be crying right now. At least this will still earn back its budget.

I have already spent two weeks speaking about Jurassic World’s record-breaking performance, but it seems like buzz about it hasn’t died down that much after all. It got first for the third consecutive weekend, but it probably will be its last weekend on top, with Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL proving to be a mighty threat when they open next weekend. It earned about $54.5 million this weekend, dropping 48.8% from last weekend. Yes, Avengers had a slightly smaller drop, with around 46% or so, but this doesn’t signify that this film will die quickly from this point on. Yes, competition is only set to get more intense (Terminator, Minions, Ant-Man, Pixels, Mission Impossible, Fantastic Four, all expected to be hits of varying degrees, are hitting theaters one week after another), but just because of this drop which prevented it from having a third weekend bigger than Avengers doesn’t mean that this film is in trouble. It is already over $43 million ahead of the original Marvel superhero film at the same point of time, and with bigger weekdays, Jurassic World should have no trouble smashing $650 million. And Avengers’ competition in its third weekend is Battleship. Compare that to Ted 2 and Inside Out. Though its gonna be taking a bit of time to hit that amount, with buzz dying down after 3 weeks. New week, new records- it crossed the $500 million mark within 17 days, 6 days faster than Avengers, despite being in a way more competitive market. Its already the highest grossing film of the year, with $500.373 million, more than second place, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which has ‘only’ earned $454.5 million after 9 weeks.

Inside Out held up well, just as I predicted. It dipped just 42.1% this weekend, really spectacularly considering Pixar has been getting increasingly front-loaded in recent years, having bigger and bigger drops from its first to second weekend. Despite earning over over $90 million last weekend, far more than any other Pixar movie spare Toy Story 3, it is holding way better. Thank the impressive word of mouth and reviews for that (98%!!!), and the fact that there was no Pixar movie last year and that this is the studio’s best movie in years only make this much bigger an event than the last few. In comparison, Toy Story 3 dropped 46.2% on its second weekend, Monsters University dropped 44.7% two summers ago, Brave plummeted 48.6%. It earned $52.32 million this weekend, just $160k away from my prediction. The cumulative gross for this is at $185.14 million, and this is expected to fly past $300 million by July’s end.

Ted 2. Ted 2. Ted 2. Ted 2. Ted 2. I can’t suppress my disappointment, but this underperformed big time. No, I don’t mean the type where it earned $2 million less than my estimate. It actually earned far lower than even the lowest estimates I found across the web. It only earned $33.51 million this weekend at the box office, even though its preview grosses of $2.6 million was identical to what the original earned in its previews. Of course, this was going to be way more front-loaded, because ever since Ted came out, this film has built up quite a fanbase, and its a sequel. The horrible reviews (48% on rotten tomatoes) certainly swayed some people away to either the other options at the cineplex, or someplace else. This film will be lucky to earn over $120 million, and thats around where I think it will end up by the time it vanishes from theaters. Its weekend to Friday ratio is at 2.52:1. Here’s the demographics- male moviegoers dominate this film, taking up 59% of the audience. 51% of moviegoers are over the age of 25. Cinemascore is B+, lower than the A the original received.

Max did okay, earning $12.16 million. It was mostly under the radar, with three massive films hitting theaters for three consecutive weeks, and was always meant to be a sleeper hit. Ultimately, it had to settle for fourth place. Nothing much to say about this, but demographics- 55% female, 57% over 25, and moviegoers loved this film, giving this an A cinemascore, despite the horrendous reviews its actually receiving from critics.

And thats about all. No other film earned more than $10 million this weekend, so they are going to be summarized in the table below:

Rank Last Week Rank Film Weekend Gross Change Total Gross Per-Theater Average Week
1 1 Jurassic World $54,532,615 -48.8% $500,373,420 $12,990 3
2 2 Inside Out $52,323,354 -42.1% $185,140,364 $12,663 2
3 Ted 2 $33,507,870 $33,507,870 $9,735 1
4 Max $12,155,254 $12,155,254 $4,258 1
5 3 Spy $7,911,786 -29.5% $88,462,290 $2,477 4
6 4 San Andreas $5,402,416 -37.9% $141,997,929 $2,062 5
7 5 Dope $2,782,840 -54.4% $11,697,218 $1,503 2
8 6 Insidious: Chapter 3 $2,004,222 -50.7% $49,795,400 $1,243 4
9 8 Mad Max: Fury Road $1,764,436 -41.8% $147,107,258 $1,836 7
10 9 Avengers: Age of Ultron $1,688,938 -40.7% $452,474,193 $1,540 9

Oh, and before closing this rant, if you haven’t closed this tab yet, here’s another treat for your dedication (okay, not really)- the top 10 grabbed an estimated $173.6 million (correct me if I’m wrong), which is maybe a bit more than what Transformers: Age of Extinction and the rest of the pack earned last year. Next weekend is going to be way more massive than last year though, rest assured, with Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL being way more money-friendly than Tammy and Deliver Us From Evil.


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