Box Office Report: Inside Out, Jurassic World dominate

I can't even see dinosaurs, look at how un-influential they are?
I can’t even see dinosaurs, look at how un-influential they are?

If only we can have this every week. The movie theaters have never been this popular for two consecutive weeks. And this is only set to continue through the end of July.

By now, you should have realized that Inside Out was going to be released this weekend. And for those Pixar enthusiasts out there, you should have already caught the film. (If you haven’t, its probably because of Jurassic World. Blame it.) One of the best reviewed Pixar movies of all time, with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was a pity that it was unable to grab first this weekend, breaking the long held streak of Pixar opening all their movies in first during opening weekend. But guess what? Some people will be going right now, like, nah, Pixar is dying, and instead of Dinosaurs going extinct, its the animation studio facing mass extinction. Nope, just look at its gross- it over performed to such a degree that it just became the second biggest Pixar opening of all time domestically. With $91,056,000. Oh, and thats good enough to also become the biggest opening for a completely original film, whose idea and concept is cooked up in the laboratory and has never been unleashed on us hungry foolish moviegoers before. Finally, Avatar ($77.0 million opening weekend) sees yet another record go down. At long last. Lets hope that Good Dinosaur will ride on the ‘Dinosaur Mayhem’ to yet another massive opening at the end of the year. Pixar is probably screaming with Joy, yet exuberating anger, because you know, it didn’t get first. Oh, and lets not forget that its filled with disgust over Universal’s sin (and probably at itself, for not releasing a week later, where it would undeniably get first). Sadness is probably somewhere in the mix too. But a sigh of relief, considering how much more fear there probably felt earlier, after Jurassic World put so, so much dino pressure on them. Now, on to the statistics, its obviously the biggest original Pixar movie of all time (Incredibles, $70.47 million), and second biggest overall, losing to a bunch of talking, walking toys (Toy Story 3, $110.3 million). Its a huge family crowd that fueled the opening (71% of moviegoers), and yes, that also brings down the age demographics (60% below 25). ‘A’ cinemascore, signalling great word of mouth (even bigger, ‘cos you know, its Pixar and animation, and that practically means leggier). Now, with every great thing comes a bit of a letdown- 3D, with some minds probably thinking was back on the rise again due to Jurassic World’s dino massive 3D share of sales, only took up 28% of all sales this weekend. And Friday to weekend ratio wasn’t impressive too- its just 2.66:1, rather disappointing, and shockingly low for a Pixar movie. Its per-theater average is $23,076, which is sadly still lower than Jurassic World’s $23,775. I expect this to hold up well and earn maybe around $340 million by the end of its run. It better not disappoint.

That long rattling must have at least made some of you forget about Jurassic World for the moment. Nope, everyone didn’t just get sick of the meme #JurassicZoo and started boycotting the film, or start debating about the fact that the female wore heels and ran faster than a T-Rex. Nope, instead, moviegoers didn’t even get sick of the film, allowing this film to have the second biggest second weekend of all time, just behind Avengers, with $102.02 million (Avengers, $103.1 million). That happened even though Jurassic World was facing off against a $91 million, ‘one of the best Pixar films ever!’ film. whereas Avengers faced off against a bunch of vampires, played by who else but Johnny Depp, with his silly makeup ($29.7 million). Nope, thats not bad, that means that despite competition that was way dino-scarier, it only dropped 51.1% from its opening weekend, which is actually really good, considering its first weekend was nostalgia fueled, and was dino-lly front-loaded. And its weekday grosses have been massive as well. No other film that opened that big in recent times (or over $100 million) has ever held up so well. Oh, and even more records- fastest film to hit $300 million (8 days), $350 million (9 days), oh, and also $400 million (11 days). Its cumulative gross to date is $398.23 million, really close to $400 million, and Jurassic Park’s $402.5 million. Expect this to be the biggest film in the franchise by Monday, and to crush $500 million by the end of the next weekend. Its already the 21st highest grossing film of all time in the states, and second highest grossing film domestically so far this year. Let’s not forget to mention that this film is just so close to the $1 billion mark ($981 million to date), thats its probably going to pass that milestone on Monday or Tuesday, making this the fastest film to hit that milestone. Unless this film drops dino-massively, I expect this to inch ahead of Avengers to be the third biggest film of all time worldwide by the end of its run. $11.3 million of this weekends figures came from IMAX, which is having a great time. Whats greater is the fact that two massive films both gross over $90 million in a weekend, and the rest of the holdovers aren’t even affected in the least. They have really impressive percentage holds, after all.

As expected, the rest of the films are so dino-quiet (thats weird, dinosaurs are never quiet) that they might as well be forgotten. Third went to Spy, with $10.5 million. Thats only a 32.8% drop, allowing this to earn $74.374 million to date. That $100 million milestone might not be that difficult, after all. The only other wide opener this week, Dope, despite great reviews, only managed $6.018 million. Thats a bit of a disappointment, considering the buzz it was building coming out of early screenings. Regardless, don’t expect this to fade away from theaters soon. The rest of the films, which are probably the size of an ant compared to dino-gargantuan dinosaurs, are all summarized in the table below. (Notice how a film about ants and dinosaurs are releasing in the same summer, both set to earn massive amounts of money from you poor people). The great news is that this weekend is up around 65% over the same weekend last year, where Think Like a Man Too and Jersey Boys opened. How I wished people like me, box office obsessed people, could have just looked forward to this paradise at this time last year, instead of calling the year a sign that moviegoers are simply not interested in visiting the theaters anymore.

Finally, the top 10:

Rank Last Week Rank Film Weekend Gross Change Total Gross Per-Theater Average Week
1 1 Jurassic World $102,019,000 -51.1% $398,230,000 $23,775 2
2 Inside Out $91,056,000 $91,056,000 $23,076 1
3 2 Spy $10,500,000 -32.8% $74,374,000 $2,951 3
4 3 San Andreas $8,240,000 -23.8% $132,229,000 $2,594 4
5 Dope $6,018,000 $6,018,000 $3,006 1
6 4 Insidious: Chapter 3 $4,110,000 -43.8% $45,370,000 $1,610 3
7 5 Pitch Perfect 2 $3,300,000 -48.4% $177,500,000 $1,538 6
8 7 Mad Max: Fury Road $2,815,000 -30.8% $143,602,000 $1,977 6
9 8 Avengers: Age of Ultron $2,723,000 -25.9% $451,039,000 $1,638 8
10 9 Tomorrowland $2,009,000 -42.5% $87,696,000 $1,139 5

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