Box Office Report: Jurassic World overperforms, rules the world

You see that shark? Don't mess with dinosaurs.
You see that shark? Don’t mess with dinosaurs.

Nobody expected this. It’s just incredible.

Less than a week ago, several people came up with a wide range of numbers for Jurassic World, but most didn’t go above $130 million. Even the most bold of expectations placed this at $140 million. But Jurassic World surprised, resulting in the estimates going up constantly throughout the weekend. When the Thursday numbers came in, its $18.5 million gross from previews topped Furious 7’s $15.8 million, but many didn’t expect this film to beat Furious 7 by a huge margin, considering Jurassic World is expected to be a whole lot more front-loaded, due to its strong anticipation pre-release. However, this film attracted far more families then previously predicted, and business spread throughout the weekend. By the time Friday’s number came in, everyone knew this was going to be something more. It’s $82.8 million simply obliterated everyone’s prediction, and by then it managed to grab the third biggest first day gross ever. Then when the opening weekend gross was confirmed to be an overwhelming $208.8 million, it simply just beat Avengers. Without years and years of films to build anticipation. Purely based on nostalgia and Chris Pratt and Dinosaurs.

This breaks several records for Universal Studios, who are obviously grinning right now due to how their year has been awesome so far (and will continue being awesome, thanks to Minions).Apart from the biggest opening weekend gross domestically, it also broke out and earned the biggest opening weekend internationally, beating Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s $314 million barely for $315.61 million. And on a worldwide basis, nothing came close- it was the first film ever to earn over $500 million on its opening weekend, with $524.4 million. Of course, before the weekend began people were arguing whether this film did break the June opening weekend record of Man of Steel ($116.62 million). Of course it did.

Don’t expect this film to die down that quickly either- it’s Friday to weekend ratio is 2.53:1, great for a sequel that has been that anticipated. Moviegoers gave this an A cinemascore, hinting at fantastic word of mouth. Meanwhile, for demographics- 52% male, 61% at least 25 years old. (Also, the Monday and Tuesday grosses have been nothing short of great, both managing to grab the third biggest non-holiday weekday Monday and Tuesday of all time, with $25.34 million and $24.34 million for a cumulative gross of $258.49 million, 6% ahead of Avengers at the same period of time). With this pace and gross, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that I believe that this film might have a chance of hitting $400 million by the end of the weekend, and $600 million by the end of its run if word of mouth is good. More statistics- 48% of sales were for 3D (China had 95% of sales from 3D)m it set the biggest record for IMAX, with $44.1 million worldwide over opening weekend, bigger than Iron Man 3’s $28.8 million.

Enough with Jurassic World, and on to the holdovers. The holdovers were much softer. Second this weekend, Spy, grossed close to $200 million less than Jurassic World. It earned $15.6 million, a drop of 46.3%. It’s cumulative gross to date is $56.55 million, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely to hit $100 million (there’s still a chance), despite stupendous reviews. It will not finish anywhere close to previous hits Identity Thief ($134.5 million) and The Heat ($159.6 million), but the former opened in a far less competitive corner of the calendar, whereas the latter opened with Sandra Bullock co-starring. However, this will definitely outgross her Tammy ($84.5 million), although this is definitely a letdown.

Third went to San Andreas, which suffered a huge drop due to intense competition. It dropped 58.2% to $10.8 million, for a cumulative gross of $119.1 million. Whatever one says, this is a sleeper hit, and Dwayne Johnson’s biggest solo movie to date. Fourth went to Insidious Chapter 3, dipping 67.8% to $7.3 million. Despite opening much softer, and having better reviews than the previous installment, it seems like this film will still be awfully front-loaded. Expect this to drop out of theaters within the next few weeks. It’s cumulative gross to date is $37.4 million, or less than what Insidious 2 got over its opening weekend. Pitch Perfect 2 is next on the charts, holding up really well, dropping just 15.5% to $6.4 million. It’s cumulative gross to date is at $171.1 million, enough for the third biggest film of summer to date. The only other wide opener last week, Entourage, also proved to be front-loaded, dropping 59.3% to $4.2 million, for a cumulative gross of $25.7 million.

The top 10 earned $266.0 million, allowing this to easily have the biggest weekend gross of all time domestically, beating Christmas 2009 weekend, where Avatar led the box office to a massive $259.9 million. Next milestone- beating Avatar.

Here’s how the top 10 line up:

Rank Last Week Rank Film Weekend Gross Change Total Gross Per-Theater Average Week
1 Jurassic World $208,806,270 $208,806,270 $48,855 1
2 1 Spy $15,613,686 -46.3% $56,550,930 $4,918 2
3 2 San Andreas $10,812,387 -58.2% $119,123,301 $3,059 3
4 3 Insidious Chapter 3 $7,311,963 -67.8% $37,382,544 $2,426 2
5 6 Pitch Perfect 2 $6,398,030 -15.5% $171,113,415 $2,390 5
6 4 Entourage $4,186,984 -59.3% $25,717,456 $1,347 2
7 5 Mad Max: Fury Road $4,065,967 -48.1% $138,543,794 $1,820 5
8 8 Avengers: Age of Ultron $3,675,057 -42.0% $444,777,275 $1,705 7
9 7 Tomorrowland $3,492,475 -51.5% $83,682,888 $1,375 4
10 Love and Mercy $1,672,325 -21.2% $4,680,936 $2,919 2

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