Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough Part 1- A Brand New Journey!


This section of the walkthrough will only cover up till the rival battle with May. Please look at part 2 for the continuation of the walkthrough. If you would like to skip to a particular section of the walkthrough, you can click this link here, which will have all the parts collated together.


Welcome to the site’s Pokemon omega ruby walkthrough!!

When starting the game, you will notice something really familiar if you played the originals- professor birch speaking to you exactly the way he spoke to you before (with gba graphics). The picture will kinda explain everything.


Just as he shows azurill, the game finally “goes” to the modern era, where you are seen on a truck, with Pokemon in 3D (!!) when the truck goes by. Apart from the graphics, it’s the same format- introduction, gender selection (but no character customization) and name selection. And then, yeah, you step out of the truck, and go to your house.

Here are plenty of pictures showing the introduction.

IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022

In order not to spoil the entire game for those reading the walkthrough, I shall refrain from posting excessive photos from here on- only a few a location, at best.




Welcome to Littleroot town. Home to just your player’s family and the professor’s family, this is really similar to the original gba games. (I really don’t know where those people outside the houses come from)

Once you enter your house, the machokes that are shifting your furniture will take their leave. Go up and set your clock. This should be easy- just interact with the clock and the time will be set based on the time of your handheld. This is your room, anyway:


And yes, there’s a wii u in your room.

If needed, there’s a journal on your desk teaching you how to open the menu and reminding you to save your game. Sweet.

Get down right after and your mom will rush you over to the tv to see your dad, but it’s too late. Never mind, let’s head on to the only other house that isn’t the professor’s laboratory.

Once you go the Brendan/May’s house, your future rival’s mom will ask you to introduce yourself to her daughter/son. You gotta do it, so just head on upstairs.


Some more images upon heading upstairs…

IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029

She leaves, saying she needs to help her dad (Prof. Birch) catch some pokemon, so just go down, and go to the previously inaccessible area north of town- Route 101.

And you find none other than Professor Birch, screaming for help. Just go grab a pokeball in the bag, and fight that Poochyena. (NOTE: WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE WILL BE PERMANENT, SO CHOOSE CAREFULLY.)


The choices are:
Treeko LVL5
Torchic LVL5
Mudkip LVL5


For those wondering, I chose Mudkip, even though I picked Torchic when playing the originals.

Professor Birch will bring you to the lab, and give you the starter you picked earlier. Afterwards, he will tell you to go find May, who’s somewhere in Route 103.


Wild Pokemon:
Wurmple, Poochyena, Zigzagoon

Remarks: Just go right through. Nothing noteworthy here, you can train up a bit though. Apart from that, just head onwards to Oldale town.

Upon arriving at Oldale town, a Poke Mart employee will approach you, and after saying he’s kind-hearted, he shows you the Poke Mart and Pokemon Center, while also giving you quite a number of potions. Nothing much here, and since you can’t head west just yet, let’s just go north to Route 103.



Wild Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Wingull



Remarks: Unless you intend to train up your pokemon, just head right on to May/Brendan. Talk to him/her, and you have your first trainer battle.


Pokemon Trainer May
Opposing starter LVL 5
Reward: $200

She probably won’t be using any move thats advantageous against your pokemon at the moment, so just take her down. Just using your most basic move (tackle, pound, scratch) will do here. It should be really easy if you trained earlier on.

Right after the battle, she heals your pokemon. Time to head back to Littleroot town! Upon arriving, head to Professor Birch’s lab. Professor Birch will hand you a pokedex, while your rival will hand you 10 poke balls. I guess its time to say goodbye to your new home!


Well, not yet. Your mom stops you briefly. After that conversation, your rival approaches you, giving your Pokenav a Dexnav function. Just as you think you can leave, just before you head on to Oldale town, you get stopped by your rival. Again. This time, she tells you that there is a tail sticking out of the grass, and tells you to sneak up to the pokemon by gently moving the circle pad. These pokemon are usually of a higher level, or have special moves which can only be gotten after breeding. For me, I found a lvl 5 poochyena with the move fire fang. After this battle, you are free to go the previously unexplorable Route 102. Before that, remember to capture some pokemon!


Thats all for now! Check back soon for part 2 of the walkthrough!


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