Box Office Forecast: Need for Speed races for first, Tyler Perry is back with ‘The Single Moms Club’

Another March weekend, another two new movies. This week has two films going into wide release which are trying to compete with last week’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman and 300: Rise of an Empire for first. The two films are none other than Need for Speed, a movie adaptation of the hit video game series, and Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club, which is yet another Tyler Perry movie.

need for speed
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Need for Speed is yet another attempt of trying to bring a video game franchise to the big screen. As of now, past attempts at bringing video game franchises to the big screen have usually been moderate or bad critically and financially, and this one does not seem to be an exception- it’s reviews can already show that this film isn’t great at all in terms of quality. However, the one distinction that this film has over the other game franchises released in theaters in the past few years is that this is one of the best selling video game franchises of all time, with 150 million copies sold. Trailers have been enticing, showcasing car stunts which sure are amazing. That’s not to forget that this film stars Aaron Paul in the lead role, from none other than Breaking Bad. However, this film is riddled with problems either. This film looks too much like a rip-off of none other than Fast and Furious. In our day and age, almost everyone knows Fast and Furious, the franchise full of heroic car chases and stunts which sure are impressive and jaw-dropping, and Need for Speed looks like a desperate rip-off which can never reach the amount of thrills and generate the same amount of fun the former franchise managed. The film might also spot the title ‘Need for Speed’, but nothing else is similar to the games- it’s just a loose adaptation, something else which will turn away the potential fan base of Need for Speed players.

In think that this film might barely break $23 million, due to it’s terrible reviews. Thats coupled with the really competitive marketplace at the moment, which includes last week’s 300:Rise of an Empire and next week’s Divergent.

single moms club
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Tyler Perry is back with yet another film (I gotta admit this is starting to look endless), but this one will definitely be important, as it will determine whether Tyler Perry’s popularity has waned over the past year. Last December saw the release of Madea’s Christmas, which despite it’s release which was kinda in line with the Holiday Season, still underperformed and became the director/star’s third lowest grossing opening weekend yet. This one doesn’t have the name Madea attached along with it though. What is shocking though, might be the fact that Lionsgate is just releasing this film into an estimated 1800 theaters, which is a rather low amount, showing some signs of lack of confidence from the studio’s side.

This film will try to capitalize on Tyler Perry’s African-American fanbase, which will definitely turn out in droves, especially since it has been a while since movies aimed at the demographic has been released (Ride Along, About Last Night). This one, though, might try to appeal to more whites, due to its inclusion of a more diverse range of stars in the film. Currently, I do not have high hopes for this film, so I am currently predicting an opening weekend at around $16 million.

This weekend last year, Oz the Great and Powerful continued to dominate for the second weekend in a row, with $41.2 million. The Call placed second with $17.1 million, while another new opener The Incredible Burt Wonderstone kind of tanked with $10.2 million. The top 10 grossed around $93 million, which this weekend will have no problem beating.

And with that, here are my top 10 predictions.
1)Need for Speed- $23 million
2)Mr. Peabody and Sherman- $22 million
3)300: Rise of an Empire- $19 million
4)Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club- $16 million
5)Non-Stop- $8.5 million
6)The Lego Movie- $7.3 million
7)Son of God- $5.7 million
8)Frozen- $2.5 million
9)The Monuments Men- $1.9 million
10)3 Days to Kill- $1.8 million
Top 10: $107.7 million

With that, remember to check out the site’s 2014 box office forecast, which is regularly updated, at the link here.If you would like to know more about March’s offerings, then check out the box office preview for the month here. Check back next week for movie reviews, and the box office forecast for Divergent!


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