My Life so far in Flappy Birds..

There are two things I have to clarify before I start speaking proper:
1) This website has not been ditched. I’m just a busy person.
2) No, Flappy Birds is not the reason why I’m busy.

Like almost everyone else, I heard about Flappy Birds from the people around me. I was like ‘What the heck is so tough about making birds jump through the holes in between 2 pipes’, and guess what. The most retarded thing is that I couldn’t even get one on my first try, which is awkward.

No, I am not that crazy guy who seats in front of his phone all day while he spams play the game, and also not one who is too lazy to try and just hack the game to get over 2 billion or a few thousand. On Day 1, I already had a tough challenge to meet, when my friend had 124 on his second day. And yes, you read that correctly. Since this game is so addictive in a sense you have to keep playing this until you hit a high score you can boast about, you would rather kill yourself if you didn’t beat it. And so, I did the impossible task of playing till I beat it.

One day passes. Two day passes. Three day passes. The game seems like a piece of cake now. But I’m close. 121. Just 3 more to go. But that’s about to be as near as I can ever dream of reaching 100. Whenever I play this game, I start to realize the impact a break has on me. Playing non-stop won’t help me. Over time, I will start to lose my attention span, and it’s game over if you do not see whats coming next.

Then someone else smartly just goes all the way and hits 212. That moment was the worst moment in my life, and I, instead of questioning my sanity and asking myself why I have not even broken my high score for 3 consecutive days, just keep spam playing, and guess what. I did it. Yeah! I hit 234, and that was the last time I hit the high score in the past 4 days as of this post.

One thing I can assure you- I do not HACK. All you have to do is to get the hang of this game and perhaps you can hit 30 occasionally. After all, for a game which is really tough, what’s the challenge if you don’t take it up? This game might seem simple, but it really is tough, and even though this game will cease to exist in a few hours (you can read on if you wanna know why, if you don’t already), I will definitely continue to strive for the insane goal of 1000. And no, I have not lost my sanity.

As a slight reminder, you have less than 6 hours est. to download Flappy Birds, if you would like to indulge in a lifestyle where you just shout at the wall and throw your phone thousands of times a day. If you do not know that, good that you know that now. Anyway, by the time you have came to this site, you must have had read at least 1 news site on earth which tells you that.

It’s really a pity that such a frustrating game which is too popular to smirk at is going to be eradicated from the face of this earth. Unless this is a publicity stunt, there is one tip I have for you before this post comes to an end- if you really do not like the feeling of being beaten in Flappy Birds by someone else, just delete it. After all, the game does not exist. It never existed. And nobody ever beat you.

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