Box Office Forecast: Out of the Furnace jumps out of the furnace; ‘Catching Fire’ to continue burning

Sorry for the late posting. Due to there being no box office report for last weekend on this site, there will be a shorter condensation before the post officially starts.

Last weekend was a sweet one, one where people only rushed out to the big films, and ignored the smaller; more indie like films. The leader of the pack is once again Catching Fire, which led the Thanksgiving weekend by earning $74.2 million during the 3-day weekend, and $109.9 million during the full period. That was enough to give it the Thanksgiving weekend record of all time, ahead of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Second also broke the previous record, and that record went to none other than Disney Animation’s next film Frozen. Mimicking Tangled definitely helped, and the film earned $67.4 million over the 3-day weekend and $93.6 million for the full 5-day holiday period.

The other new openers did not do anywhere as well. As a brief summary, here’s the figures for the remainder of the top 10. The first figure represents the 3-day weekend gross, and the second represents the full 5-day season. Please note that this type of box office report will only be for this week, and a proper and more detailed report shall resume next week:

3)Thor: The Dark World-$11,085,296-$15,485,801
4)The Best Man Holiday-$8,172,920-$10,779,020
6)Delivery Man-$6,835,841-$9,580,075
7)The Book Thief-$4,864,861-$6,408,743
9)Black Nativity-$3,669,530-$4,483,710
10)Last Vegas-$2,692,525-$3,701,596

Now on to the box office forecast. This coming weekend only sees one new movie opening wide, and that goes to none other than Out of the Furnace. This time of the year is a bad time to release a movie, as it is right before the christmas rush begins, and right after the Thanksgiving holiday most likely robbed moviegoers dry. This weekend last year was quiet either, with Playing for Keeps opening to $5.75 million. That ended up being 6th, with first going to Skyfall, which earned $10.78 million. This weekend should have no problem trying to match that figure, with the combined power of Frozen and Catching Fire.

Post Thanksgiving usually sees big drops, so it will not be a surprise if Catching Fire drops big after holding strong last weekend.

out of the furnace

Out of the Furnace comes directly after the Thanksgiving weekend, which is usually a terrible weekend to be releasing a movie. The movie is somewhat trying to build word of mouth in LA and NY by opening in a limited 4 theaters early on Wednesday, before opening nationwide into 2000 theaters on Friday. This film has the problem of bearing too much comparisons with last year’s dud Killing Them Softly, which opened to a meager $6 million, even with Brad Pitt attached to it. This one is definitely more star-studded, with cast members including Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Zoey Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker and more. This film definitely does not seem to be in a good position, though, seating at 53% on rotten tomatoes from 44 reviews. This film also arrives in a much more competitive market, where people are still catching up with films they missed the past few weeks (Frozen and Catching Fire). Before coming to any final prediction, here are some comparisons with Killing Them Softly.

Killing Them Softly Facebook:NIL
Killing Them Softly Twitter: 407 followers
Out of the Furnace Facebook:57,941 likes
Out of the Furnace Twitter: 774 followers

As can be seen above, it is apparent that Out of the Furnace is doing a bit better. I currently predict an opening in the $8.5 million range, though that might change before the weekend kick starts.

Here is my current top 10 estimates:
1)Hunger Games: Catching Fire- $34.5 million
2)Frozen- $34.1 million
3)Out of the Furnace- $8.5 million
4)Thor: The Dark World- $6.2 million
5)Delivery Man- $5.1 million
6)The Best Man Holiday- $4.5 million
7)Homefront- $3.1 million
8)The Book Thief- $2.4 million
9)Black Nativity- $2.2 million
10)Philomena- $1.9 million

Top 10 Estimated Gross: $109.5 million

That’s all. Next week might not see any posts at all, as I will not be around (sad I will be missing out on Hobbit). Meanwhile, see you soon!


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