Box Office Report- Catching Fire opens to a massive $158.1 million!!

There is only one film that can possibly attain 1st place this weekend, due to it’s tremendous fan base and anticipated second film- and that is none other than Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The top 10 earned $214.6 million.

hunger games catching fire
The Hunger Games sequel earned a massive $158.1 million, which was definitely above Lionsgate predictions of $140-150 million, but way below bullish expectations for the film to earn north of $160 million. The film, however, managed to beat the original Hunger Games opening weekend gross of $152 million. The film was just shy of beating The Dark Knight Rises’ $160.9 million 2D only opening weekend record, and The Dark Knight’s $158.4 million. However, word of mouth seems impressive, with the film attaining an A cinemascore, and also having a 89% rotten tomatoes score from 210 reviews, which is an improvement from the original’s rotten tomatoes score. The film managed to have the 6th biggest opening of all time, below two Christopher Nolan Batman movies, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and the final Harry Potter film. The film, though, easily managed to grab hold of the biggest opening in the month of November, beating Twilight: New Moon’s $142.8 million. The film’s demographics showed that 50% of moviegoers were above the age of 25, while 59% of moviegoers were female.

Thor: The Dark World faced massive competition coming into the weekend, and had an even bigger drop in it’s third weekend- the film dipped 61% to $14.1 million. The film has earned $167.9 million to date, and even if the film will eventually beat the original Thor’s domestic gross, the film isn’t likely to earn much more.

Third went to The Best Man Holiday, with $12.5 million. That represents a massive 59% drop, just showing how much a big movie will affect all holdovers below it. The film seems to be more front-loaded than originally thought, and hopefully the film can hold on much better next week, with it’s A+ cinemascore. The film has earned $50.4 million to date through 10 days.

Delivery Man went below several expectations, earning a meagre $7.95 million, making this year’s The Internship look like nothing bad. Vince Vaughn’s star status continues to be on the drop, which is rather alarming. A B+ cinemsacore was awarded, with the film’s audience being 50% male. 81% of the moviegoers were couples.

The next two spots go to Free Birds and Last Vegas, who switched positions… yet again. This time, Free Birds dipped 33.8% to $5.36 million for a current cume of $48.66 million, while Last Vegas dipped 48.3% to $4.36 million for a current cume of $53.9 million.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa takes 7th place, earning $3.4 million (-53.7%) to $95.4 million. If it manages to hold on better from now on, then it might have a chance of earning $100 million by the end of it’s run, making it the second film in the franchise to do so.

8th went to Gravity, which dipped 47.4% to $3.2 million for a current cume of $245.4 million. 9th goes to 12 Years a Slave, which dipped 38.5% to $2.8 million for a current cume of $29.4 million. Dallas Buyers Club cracked the top 10, earning $2.7 million (+53.4%) after getting another 482 theaters to make its theater count jump to 666. The film has earned $6.4 million to date.

In more limited news, Captain Phillips makes the jump to $100 million this weekend. Apart from that, Frozen opened in a limited engagement in El Capitan Theater to earn $243,390. That bodes well for it’s nationwide expansion next weekend. Philomena earns $128,435 from 4 theaters for a per-theater average of $32,109.Next weekend, Frozen expands into 3600 theaters, and is unlikely to beat the Hunger Games sequel’s second weekend, though the latter is expected to have a big drop. Meanwhile, Oldboy opens in 500 theaters, and Black Nativity and Homefront also open nationwide. Come back soon to check out the box office forecast!


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