Singapore Box Office Report: Captain Phillips captures first; Thor falls to second

captain phillips
Hopefully, the title has made it clear- Captain Phillips prevents Thor: The Dark World from attaining first for the third week coming. Overall, the box office earned $1,811,655, which is down 27.2% from last year, when the first of two parts of Ah Boys To Men stayed in first. However, things should change drastically when Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens next weekend.

Captain Phillips was first right out of the gate, and thanks to good reviews, Tom Hanks and word-of-mouth straight from the states, the film managed to secure first place with $604,232. That came from only 32 screens, giving the film a surprising $18,882 per-theater average. Including sneaks from last week, the film has managed to earn $698,186.

Thor: The Dark World had nowhere to go but down the charts, dipping 58.9% to $543,610. That, however, came after the film gave 34 of its screens up. With $5,807,849 to date, the film shouldn’t be laughed at, as it is already the third highest grossing film of the year in the country.

Third went to none other than Ender’s Game, which held better than in the states. The film dropped a healthy 44% to $239,735, bringing it’s current cume to $790,408 through two weeks. Sadly, apart from the top 3, no other films managed to even crack $100,000.

Fourth went to 3 Peas in a Pod, a local film. It brought in $97,065 from 20 screens, for a current total of $120,828 including sneaks.

Fifth went to Escape Plan, which has became a surprise hit in the country. The film added another $80,370 after a 43.1% dip, for a current gross of $1,502,002. However, with more blockbusters coming it’s way, expect bigger drops over the next few weeks, and this film to disappear soon.

Tom Yum Goong 2 earned $74,944 after a 50.5% dip from last weekend. That brings the two week gross total to $278,058. Justin and the Knights of Valour opened to $72,585 from 15 screens, and took seventh, while eight went to Don Jon, dipping just 17.7% even after losing 2 of it’s 10 screens from last weekend. The film earned $43,089 for a current cume of $130,159.

The last two positions in the top 10 chart went to Baby Blues and Make Your Move. They earned $30,518 and $25,507 respectively. Baby Blues dipped 42.8% from last weekend for a current cume of $106,428, while the latter film just opened here over the weekend.That’s all for now! Check back soon for more things box office related, and trailers etc. Just come back and check! Also remember to participate in the site’s monthly poll, and like the site’s Facebook page, both of which can be done at the right sidebar. See ya!


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