Box Office Report: Best Man Holiday surprises; Thor is once again king

the best man holiday
Who rules as champion over the box office again? Who else other than Thor..

Thor: The Dark World continues it’s impressive run, but had quite a steep drop- it dipped 57% to $36.6 million. That might be worrying, but it is worth noting that Iron Man 3 had a similar drop of 58% on it’s second weekend. With that said, it currently has secured a gross of $145.1 million through it’s first 10 days of life. Expect the film to finally fall from its number 1 glory next week, when the sequel to Hunger Games arrives everywhere.

Only one new movie opened this weekend, and it was indeed really lucky as it had the quiet date all to itself. That film was none other than The Best Man Holiday, which beat all expectations to earn a shocking $30.1 million. That was only from 2024 theaters, which means the film had an amazing $14,875 per-theater average, higher than any film that lies in the top 10 chart! That is also a very big jump from the original’s $9 million opening back in 1999. This film will most likely continue to persuade Hollywood to dedicate more films to the lucrative African-American crowd. For demographics, 87% of the audience were African-Americans, which is exceptionally high, 63% were over the age of 35, while 75% of the moviegoers were female. And the score they gave? A+, which means that word of mouth will propel this film to profitable territory (it already is..)

CBS films must be excited that they have a hit on their hands- after opening small, Last Vegas has proved that it can hold up well week after week, allowing it to dip 24% to $8.1 million this weekend. That makes it current fume go to $46.5 million, and as the film continues to hold up well, it will eventually beat Woman in Black’s $54.3 million to become the mini studio’s highest grossing film domestically..yet.

Free Birds dipped a mild 27% to $8.1 million, for a current fume of $42 million. Fifth went to the Jackass spin-off, which has surprisingly held up really well, surpassing every Jackass film spare the third installment. It earned $7.4 million after a 34.5% dip, bringing it’s total to $89.95 million.

Gravity, a wonder in every mean, continues to hold up well. It dipped 28.5% to $6.1 million, for a current cume of $240.4 million. That is no small number, and it currently seats at 5th place for highest grossing domestic releases for the current year.

Ender’s Game continues it’s descent from the top, as it dropped to 7th place. It was down 41.3%, better than last weekend’s big drop, but not strong enough to save it. It’s third weekend gross is $6.0 million, bringing it’s current fume to $53.6 million. Meanwhile, 12 Years a Slave expanded into another 267 theaters, but still dropped 31% to $4.6 million. Current cume for the film is $24.85 million.

Ninth place went to Captain Phillips, which dropped 23.2% to $4.4 million, for a current cume of $97.5 million, a success for Sony. Tenth place went to About Time, which expanded into 80 theaters for a weekend gross of $3.34 million, after a 29.8% dip. Current cume seats at $11.45 million.

On other news, Dallas Buyers Club expanded into 184 theaters to earn $1.75 million. Per theater average was $9.5k, and as it continues expanding, expect it’s oscar buzz to translate into money. Its current cume is $3 million.

Nebraska opened in 4 theaters, and earned $140,401. That gives the film a eye-popping $35,100 per-theater average.

On international news, Thor 2 leads again with $52.5 million, for a current fume of $332.8 million. Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the highlight, though, after it earned $6.3 million in Brazil, it’s first territory. That is over two times the opening of the first film there, and bodes well for next weekend, when the film releases in many territories, in it consisting of China and US.

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