Box Office Report: Thor: The Dark World gives Marvel it’s biggest non Iron Man outing

thor the dark world
I know I have been missing out on several box office forecasts, but I will definitely work towards being more regular in my posts.

The biggest film this weekend in the US? That goes to none other than Thor: The Dark World, the second film of Marvel’s well planned Second Phase, which will conclude with Avengers 2 in 2015. The attempt turned out to be as Iron Man 3 in terms of the increase from the original outing- it ended up being 30% than the original film’s opening weekend. Thor 2 earned $85.7 million this weekend, enough to be bigger than every Marvel film other than those with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. That also allowed this film to grab the position of 9th biggest opening weekend in the month of November and also the Holiday season, behind 4 Harry Potter films, 4 Twilight films, and Skyfall. Of that number, 5.3% came from IMAX screenings. In terms of the demographics, the film was heavily male-oriented despite the extra addition of Natalie Portman and the film’s heavy reference to Thor and Jane Foster’s relationship- 62% of moviegoers were male, while 61% were over the age of 25. Moviegoers generally enjoyed it, giving this film an A- cinemascore. The thing, though, is it’s 3D share- the 3D showings only accounted for 39% of the overall figure, which continues showing the general moviegoer’s attitude towards the premium format. The per-theater average for the film is $22,322.

With Thor: The Dark World being the only film opening this weekend, Ender’s Game suffered the most. From first last weekend, the film dropped right down to 5th. Blame it on Thor grabbing some of it’s IMAX locations, along with having a similar demographics- box office receipts dropped 62% to $10.26 million, which is rather disappointing. It’s current gross to date seats a a disappointing $44 million, which is lower than After Earth at the same point.

Second went to Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, which retained it’s position. It dropped 43.4% to $11.3 million. The film continues to hold well, and further propels it closer to Jackass 3D’s gross. However, that number seems to be unreachable at the moment, and the current to date gross for the film seats at $78.77 million.

Third went to Free Birds, while fourth went to Last Vegas. The second to fourth positions had a close fight, with all of them being within a range of 400k. Free Birds dropped 29.7% to $11.1 million, while Last Vegas dropped 32.4% to $11 million. The current gross to date seats at $30.1 million and $33.4 million respectively.

Sixth went to Gravity. The film continues to hold on well, dipping 33.4% to $8.5 million. The current gross to date is $231.25 million, which is good enough for 7th. By the end of it’s run, it should aim for 5th, just ahead of the latest Fast and Furious outing.

Seventh went to 12 Years a Slave, as it continues it’s nationwide expansion. It’s currently at 1144 theaters after adding 734 theaters, and it jumped 39.3% from last weekend for a weekend gross of $6.68 million. The film has earned $17.4 million to date.

Eighth went to Captain Phillips with $5.7 million, after a drop of 32.1%. The film is at $90.9 million, and still has a chance of crossing the $100 million mark by the end of it’s run, if it continues holding up well.

About Time was the other film which received nationwide expansion this weekend to 1200 theaters, and due to that generated a 342.1% jump from last weekend’s gross. The film earned $4.8 million this weekend after adding 1025 theaters, for a per-theater average of $3,965. It’s current gross to date is $6.3 million.

The final position in the top 10 chart went to the sequel to Cloudy. It dipped 33.1% to $2.8 million. Current gross seats at $109.95 million.

Meanwhile, The Book Thief opened on 4 screens in New York and Los Angeles and earned $105,005.Overall, this weekend ended up being about even with last year, when Skyfall launched to a massive $88.4 million.


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