Box Office Forecast: Thor: The Dark World to consume all other films

What happens when you see a potential box office behemoth? Beware of it!

That’s exactly what happens when you see a film like Thor: The Dark World about to open nationwide, and you are like “That is what I am definitely going to watch!”. I’m sure that almost all Marvel fans should have at least heard of it, with the usual marketing going around. Before we move deep into analysis on that film, let’s just say that there has not been such a deep impact on the box office since Gravity opened big about a month ago. This weekend last year, Skyfall opened really big with $88.4 million. Unless Thor can at least earn a bit more, let’s just say that this year might not have a chance on earning more than last year… yet again.

However, Thor isn’t alone on his trip to maintain peace. That’s because two other films, 12 Years a Slave and About Time, are expanding nationwide, and are hopefully trying to mess up the balance that Thor is trying to keep throughout the Nine Realms.

thor the dark world

You should have noticed what this whole post is going to be about. After all, that’s the only film I can see opening this weekend. Thor: The Dark World opens right after Iron Man 3 had a huge boost from its predecessor, mainly because of none other than The Avengers. This resulted in Iron Man 3 earning almost two times it’s predecessor’s gross, to a grand total of $1.3 billion, making it one of the biggest films of all time. The figure should not be scoffed at, but right now, the question is- can Thor carry over the same amount of charm that Iron Man did back in The Avengers? After all, Iron Man was always everyone’s favourite Marvel superhero, while Thor had to take a backseat. Therefore, it is really unlikely that the film can have a similar boost which Iron Man 3 had received in terms of both domestic and worldwide numbers. Thor opened to $65.7 million, with 3D already in, and with all the goodwill from The Avengers factored in, I can’t see this opening anywhere lower than $80 million. Let’s look at the reviews- it’s currently seating at 73% from 63 reviews- which is definitely decent enough, but also a slight dip from the original film. Let’s look at the director- Alan Taylor has been used to TV series directing beforehand, but this is his first time venturing into the movie world. Throughout the trailer, you might notice that he might have brought over his style from none other than Game of Thrones, which will definitely do nothing but attract fans from his well-beloved TV series. Also, Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor, has garnered an even bigger following, with him venturing into many genres over the past two years from horror (Cabin in the Woods) to drama (Rush) to action (Red Dawn). Those might not have been successful enough to expose him, but it definitely has made the world more aware of him. One more thing worth pointing out is the lack of competition right now- ignore the potential arrival of Hunger Games: Catching Fire in two weeks, and just look at the current atmosphere and next week. Ender’s Game failed to bring much attention to the sci-fi realm, and next week has practically nothing at all. Therefore, I am expecting $93 million on opening weekend.

12 Years a Slave shall continue expanding this weekend, hoping to further expand it’s word of mouth to a larger territory, while About Time, after last weekend’s disappointing numbers, might struggle this weekend at the nationwide box office, unless business is to pick up drastically, which is close to impossible.

Here are my current top 10 box office estimates for the weekend:
1)Thor: The Dark World- $93 million
2)Ender’s Game- $13.3 million
3)Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa- $13.1 million
4)Last Vegas- $8.6 million
5)Free Birds-$8.4 million
6)Gravity- $7.8 million
7)Captain Phillips- $6.2 million
8)12 Years a Slave- $6.1 million
9)Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2- $2.7 million
10)The Counselor- $1.5 million
Top 10 Gross: $160.7 million
Top 10 Gross Last Year: $159.5 million

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