October 2013 Look Back Analysis (Movies)

I believe that at some time before the month started, I was enthusiastically hoping that this year can continue to prove that it is a much better year at the movies in terms of earnings. However, after looking at this month’s earnings, my hopes were bashed. Previously, I thought that October was at least going to fall even with last year’s mid-range blockbusters. However, a large amount of adult dramas couldn’t help, bringing this year’s earnings 7% below last year. Altogether, the films brought in $629 million throughout the month.

Who can possibly get first place other than the one you have most likely heard about, Gravity? Gravity was a 3D movie-going sensation, and allowed many people to reconsider the format’s use. Personally, I did enjoy the film, and with great holds of 20-40% drops week after week, the film opened to $55.8 million and has grossed close to 4 times its opening weekend gross. The monthly gross ended up with $206,066,013, and November should most likely continue to propel it a bit higher, with it’s incredible holds.

Second went to Captain Phillips. It seems like Tom Hanks is back in the awards game, and factoring that in, along with great word of mouth, resulted in Captain Phillips earning $74,050,507 throughout the month. It is already a foregone conclusion that this film will hit the $100 million mark, which is good enough for this film to be really profitable and successful.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 might have the opening weekend taken away from the numbers, due to it opening late September, but it still put up quite a show. It earned $66,630,449, for a current cume of $106,195,000. That might not be enough to overtake the original film’s domestic gross, but it is already successful in it’s own rights.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa managed to earn $41,558,336, despite it opening in the last weekend of the month. However, most of it’s business should be arriving in November, where it’s second weekend hold was an impressive 36% (est.). It managed to grab fourth during the month of October.

Carrie was viewed as a disappointment, not being able to successfully reach out to the classic’s audience, but in a month full of failures, at least this show managed to hold onto 5th. The film ended up with $28,572,888 over the two weeks it has been released in in October, which definitely isn’t impressive, but still good enough.

Prisoners was next, with $20,147,302 for a current cume of $59,949,000, whereas Escape Plan didn’t manage to tell moviegoers why they must catch any movie with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up, only earning $19,319,746. Runner Runner was disappointing, ending the month with $19,054,523, while Rush couldn’t do much either, earning $15,071,230 for a current cume of $26,487,000. 10th place went to Don Jon, which earned $14,252,902 for a current cume of $23,892,000. For other nationwide openers in the month, news wasn’t so bright. The Counselor was 14th with $10,387,509, while Machete Kills was 15th with $7,469,708.

That’s all for the month of October at the box office, and with November coming up, everyone is seriously hoping that Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Thor: The Dark World is muscular enough to earn more than November 2012, along with the rest of the new openings. Remember to like our facebook page, and participate in our movie poll at the right sidebar!

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