Singapore Box Office Report: Escape Plan and Carrie gang up against Gravity

It looks like Gravity could not survive for long in Singapore after all. Despite being a mega blockbuster in the states, it doesn’t seem to be just that attractive, as the drops weekend after weekend are constantly at the high 40s-50s% range since its release, however, it shouldn’t be mocked at, considering it has earned a massive $2,859,444 million to date, which is on the high end of this year’s films. The film dipped 47.5% this weekend for a $273,905 gross. The film lost it’s first place placing and ended up finishing third this weekend, to two other films.

Who overtook it? None other than both Escape Plan and Carrie. Despite disappointing badly in the states, earning shy of $10 million on opening weekend, it surprised in Singapore, earning north of $663 thousand for a per theater average of $20,092. That is a big figure, and it is set to earn north of $1.2 million. Meanwhile, Carrie couldn’t match Escape Plan’s power, earning $283,490 for a per-theater average of $9,450. That isn’t as much as I had predicted, but…

Fourth went to Special ID, which earned $210,680 in it’s second week. That represents a 57% drop, resulting in a cume of $826,772. That is rather impressive for a film coming from outside of Hollywood, and might even give this film a chance at $1 million. However, I am predicting it comes close to that milestone.

Fifth went to About Time, which earned $102,344 over the weekend. A 44.7% drop resulted in a $725,237 cume. Sixth went to the Cloudy sequel, which earned $84,114 this weekend (-51.6%) for a current cume of $1,060,164. Seventh went to Lee Daniel’s The Butler, which finally opened wide after a limited engagement the week before (sneaks). However, it still ended up being disappointing- the film merely earned $68,887 from 15 theaters, bringing the per-theater average to a meagre $4,592. Current cume, including last week’s sneaks, stands at $87,959. Insidious Chapter 2 dominated 8th with $43,619, while 9th went to The Second Sight with $21,519. 10th place went to Like Father, Like Son, with $18,365 for a per-theater average of $3,061. What makes it worse is it being in a limited engagement, which means that this film had potential to earn much more.

The films combined, or registered, earned $1,769,954, which is good enough to beat last weekend by 5.1% and last year’s same weekend by 22.9%. Next weekend in the small state, expect Thor: The Dark World to open massively. Stay tuned!


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