Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Part 1- Beginning your journey!

A link will be posted here soon, which will bring you to the next few installments of the Pokemon X and Y walkthrough.

Part 1- Beginning your journey (Vaniville Town-Aquacorde Town)
Part 2- Catching your first pokemon! (Route 2, Santalune Forest, Route 3)

This post is the walkthrough for the beginning of the game and might contain lots of spoilers and plot elements. Read at your own risk.

Pokemon X
Start off by booting up your 3DS. Open up the game, and let’s start playing! The cutscene this time only begins appearing when the start screen boots up, so unless you want to start playing… as soon as possible. Before that, a 3D version of the game you’re playing appears. This is a brief description of the cutscene. Music comes from the trailers.
-Xerneas/Yveltel as seen from the first official trailer of the game. Maybe a longer cutscene this time round, but pretty much the same.
-Player rides a Skiddo, then a Rhyhorn.
-Lumiose City and another location in the game is shown, including the in game Eiffel tower replica.
-Pokemon Amie is shown.
-Roller-skating and usage of bicycle is shown.
-Lots of character customization.
-Shows the player riding on a pokemon before taking off. Also known as the new cutscene before flying.
-The starters battling one another. Other pokemon appear right after. Most importantly right at the end, where both Mega Charizard and Mega Mewto appear, really depends on your version.

If you really think that looking at the cutscene itself is much better, here you go. Please note that I am playing this from Pokemon X:

One problem with Pokemon X and Y would be the fact that if you already have a save file, you cannot go right in and start a new one, instead having to delete the previous game film before this possible. This is really a big restriction, but it doesn’t really matter (you couldn’t have more than 1 save file after all). Let’s begin the journey!

Opening SceneCharacter Customization

Okay, now the journey official begins, and with tradition, the professor must first introduce everyone into the world of pokemon. This game takes it one step further by making it completely 3D, and a more minor detail, giving the professor a full name (Augustine Sycamore, instead of just Professor Sycamore). Skiddo is the one that jumps out of the pokeball this time round. Afterwards, a portrait with several pokemon, new and old alike. This time round, it’s time to choose your gender, then your name, like always. What’s new is that you get to choose three different looks of each gender right at the start, which is at least a bit of customization. The 7 characters name is gone. Now comes 12 characters. For those with really long names, now is the chance to write your proper name down (nickname). Time to enter to world of pokemon!

20131022_20521820131022_20533720131022_205339Character Customization

You have quite a cool cutscene to look at at the start, where Fletchling flies up to your bed and wakes you up, with it’s standard chirp and pecking. You’re in your pajamas! At the start, there is an eight-directional movement, so go anywhere you like. Let’s talk about your room. Your room certainly looks much bigger than it usually is in past games, but that might be due to this game being more sensitive and realistic to depth. One feature I certainly find interesting is the fact that you can finally blink, and do certain actions after a long time of not playing! There’s a Wii U in your room, and a gigantic TV, probably one of the biggest I have seen in the whole game (is the player really that rich?). 20131022_205537

There’s a mirror nearby, and a redundant wardrobe next to it, which practically has nothing. There’s a table with a laptop and some books, but that won’t do much, so you don’t have to check it out. After all, it just gives you two adventure rules on how to open your menu and save. That is obvious for veteran players who have played any of the main series games on the DS. Running is allowed in your house, so feel free to do so.


Before heading downstairs, be sure to press the mirror- it is better to change first before your mum calls you up again to change, which can be a waste of time. You can check out your new look below! (Looks like what a tourist wears)


Head downstairs, and your mum greets you, asks you how you are feeling from your move to the area (isn’t this like good old Hoenn?).20131022_210159 It looks like it is time to greet your neighbors! Before I even start doing so, I am going to check out the lower level of the house. Images are all here, so feel free to look at them. The kitchen looks modern, and I hate to admit it, but my mum actually beats me to having the biggest TV in the entire region (all I have seen)! That’s a cute little Fletchling there, anyway! Finally, the first for the series, where your mum has a bedroom of her own. However, it looks much smaller than yours, and basically it lies next to the television, on the right. Apart from that, nothing much. The TVs stay the same as with the later pokemon games (Gen V), and maintain another wide variety of programmes. Let’s get out of the house!



It looks like you meet two new friends right at your doorstep!20131022_235744 One of them really depends on the gender you choose (she/he will be the opposite). For convenience sake, this whole walkthrough will be showcasing a female rival, named Serena. It looks like Serena is your neighbor, and Shauna is… someone random. The standard speech, telling you to come to the next town… just head off after the speech has finished. More pictures first! There’s a Rhyhorn waiting outside your house, but nothing will happen if you interact with it just yet, so ignore it for now. Press B to run! The house to your right is Serena’s house, so head left, and out of the prominent gate! Before continuing, here are some random tidbits and statistics:


Vaniville Town- A Town whose flower is about to boom.
Population- 7 (excluding you and your friends)





Nothing much here, just enjoy the scenery, and enjoy your brief stroll to the next city! Perhaps one of the shortest routes I have witnessed in a pokemon game, this route has practically nothing. One thing I enjoy about this new pokemon game would be that routes, instead of just having random numbers, now also have specific road names! This route is simply titled Vaniville Pathway, so just keep heading straight.


Before you can progress much, head left, and you will se your big group of friends. You take a seat with them. Here’s a rough description of each person!


CALLUM/SERENA: Depends on your gender. Your main rival throughout the game.
TIERNO: Great dancer, but pokemon trainer? Not really.
TREVOR: The shy but smart guy.
SHAUNA: The youngest girl in the group, she will be constantly meeting you to travel. She doesn’t really have any goals.


Right afterwards, it’s time to pick your nickname. Three will be given, and as my name in the game is Brendan, my first letter shall be used throughout the given nicknames. The choices you get are in the screenshot below:

Time to pick between Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. For this game, I am gonna pick Froakie. Trevor will give you and your friends a pokedex afterwards. Apparently, he has already met the professor! Tierno has also met up with the professor, as he has a letter for you to pass to your mother. Let’s go!

OOOOPPS! Before you head off, look who stops you:



She will send out the pokemon weak against your type. For me who chose Froakie, she will choose a Fennekin. All three starters will get to learn a attack of their type early on, so you will be able to kill the opponent pokemon quickly. (Previous games only allowed you to use tackle or growl, or something like that).20131023_001330

As like always, after winning, you level up a level. You get $500 for winning. Don’t worry about the damage on your pokemon, she will heal it right afterwards. Time to go back to Vaniville!







Hopefully, you remember your way back home, or else you will be lost. Once you arrive home, there is nothing much here, apart from the fact that in the midst of the conversation and the farewell speech, she gives you a town map. Here’s a screenshot of the town map!


You won’t step far before Rhyhorn, which was previously thought to be a statue, springs to life and blocks your way with it’s signature roar. It seems that even Rhyhorn has feelings for you! You can try riding it now, but after you get on it, Rhyhorn won’t be able to go far before it heads back to it’s spot. However, at least you get to ride a pokemon early in game!


That’s all for now. Check back soon for Part 2, which will come anytime now!



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