Long Range Box Office Forecast: Is Robocop going to fare well, or be the next Dredd?

As all of you know, Dredd, despite being a cult hit on home theatrical sets, did not fare well at the box office. Not even decently. Instead, it didn’t even earn back it’s budget. However, it wasn’t that expensive to start with, so costs weren’t as high as The Lone Ranger. However, it was a disappointment for Lionsgate nonetheless, who is deperately marching it’s way into the major studio territory. What we are going to see next year in the name of Robocop is going to be really similar. Both are futuristic cops who are supposed to save a corrupted world. However, with it’s much bigger budget and a major studio in the backing, will it be crowned yet another failure, similar to Dredd, or will it perform more in line with a blockbuster? Let’s find out.

Robocop is premiering on February 4th next year, which isn’t a too encouraging date. Instead, February, apart from the Valentine’s Day weekend, hasn’t been too much of a blockbuster months, instead falling prey to more genre films. That might show that Columbia Pictures might not have that much confidence in this film. However, it is worth taking note that the cast, especially the supporting one, has much more renowned talent than Dredd. It has fan favourites Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson playing supporting cast members, which will definitely increase the pedigree of this film. The most worrying thing, though, would be it’s budget, which is rumoured to be at around $120 million.

Putting all those aside, marketing has already started much earlier than the film’s release date, and with sufficient marketing, this film might even make it as a decent hit. However, I can’t imagine such a film making much more than even $100 million domestically. As seen over the past few years, remakes of films which were released decades ago have been unsuccessful, with Conan and even last year’s Dredd as two great role models. This film might even potentially struggle to hit past $50 million, but international numbers should be able to save it.If you are interested to check this film out, once again, this film will be released on February 4th next year. Check it out!

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