Hangover Part III Movie Review

Okay, well, this might be a little abrupt, as the review for the first two first two films have not been written by me, but I have decided to jump straight to the third film for now so check back over the next few days for the reviews of the first two installments.


After watching the first two Hangover films, I knew that this trilogy was something special. And that turned out great for everyone, as it became one of the highest grossing R-rated comedies of all time. The storyline in brief could already be understood by just looking at the title, and similarly, the third film did not give me much trouble. However, there were several problems which plagued the last film more than the first two did.

The film started out okay, and contained a great link which allowed the viewers of the second installment to know what happens afterwards. Well, at least quite some times afterwards. Chow escapes, and I can’t deny that that part was funny. The giraffe part, despite being gross, was genuinely hilarious either, but right after the “Wolf Pack” heads off to a rehab facility in Arizona, hopefully to ensure that Alan gets better, things start to get worse in the film, and likewise in my eyes as well. Diverging from the thing I remember this franchise had, it turned into a dark action thriller film where the wolf pack has to hunt down Chow, and save Doug in return. There were really little laughs afterwards, mainly due to the film maintaining a serious edge for the remainder of the 1 hour. The film also did not reinvent the formula we are used to from the first two films, and just briefly scraps the idea of the trio trying to drug someone one again. However, until the post-credits scene, this was not even done at all, and it really is a shame.

I am going to die... before I even reach my new home... with a treehouse..
I am going to die… before I even reach my new home… with a treehouse..

What one remembers from the previous two films would be the wolf pack getting drugged by Alan, before finding themselves in a mess without knowing what happened over the night. This creates a funny and stupid scenario where they had to locate their lost friend, and shows the bond among the trio better. This film, likewise, successfully showed the bond between the three members of the wolf pack, as they do all they can to save their best friend. However, as they race around the globe, this time to Mexico and where they all started in Las Vegas, it made me feel like I had bought the wrong ticket to another show in the same universe as Hangover. However, this film isn’t that bad if you were to put that messy plot aside, as the film is still worth watching as a satisfying conclusion to the first two films, while still providing a similar ending.

I finally found my first love... despite my many behavioural problems I managed to behave myself.
I finally found my first love… despite my many behavioural problems I managed to behave myself.

I can’t deny that the film has spent more money in a ineffective way, and instead focused them more towards the stunts involved. The film is also much darker than the earlier installments, as people are killed and chickens are murdered. The film is also confusing at some segments, and despite it’s best efforts to try to link back the characters to the first film, it failed… generally, as instead, it brought about more confusions as I sat in my seat wondering why Alan had a sudden change in attitude to his environment, and him deceiving Stu’s former love Jade that Alan is the father of her son, even though that is totally false.

Stupid fellas... don't you even know you are just my accomplices, my useless accomplices (grins in the end)
Stupid fellas… don’t you even know you are just my accomplices, my useless accomplices (grins in the end)

Fortunately for the film, it still keeps certain elements, like the mystery element where the trio have to rush around finding clues to something. The stars once again do a great job, and Chow was perhaps the most loved guy in the film, as he was the only one who constantly tried to make things funny, which constantly ending off with his signature profanities and arrogant style. Meanwhile, as previously mentioned, Alan’s character jumped from being a guy who has something wrong mentally to a normal guy who has a wife in the end. Despite the film trying to showcase the change in him, I felt that I had trouble trying to follow that as I was abruptly shocked by his many decisions and his changed thoughts in a short 1 hour and 30 minutes.

To end off this review, I am not trying to say that this film is terrible. It is decent at best, with constant trials to end off satisfactorily. However, the film should not have dumped the purpose and genre of the trilogy in the first place in exchange for a gritty revenge thriller which is dark, which is a total switch in tone. The film could have been much better if the genre sticked to comedy.


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