Friday Box Office Report: Gravity opens massively, Runner Runner slows down

This post contains the estimates, which means that the numbers might be off slightly from the actual number which will be reported on Monday.

As expected, Gravity opened big, but none had thought that it was about to open as big as it did. Gravity snagged $17.525 million, easily leading the weekend, and promises to earn over $45 million for the weekend, but if it manages to generate a 3 times multiple this weekend, which is easily attainable by a film which is well received by audiences and critics, expect this film to zoom past $50 million. This is really a big surprise for Warner Bros, who was just looking forward to a number in the range of $35-40 million.

News wasn’t so great for Fox, despite having the star power of Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, two hot names currently, combined. This film just didn’t appeal to the masses, and the marketing has been confusing and ineffective. This ultimately resulted in the film underperforming, only earning $2,750,000 over it’s first day of opening. Expect this film to have an opening weekend from around $6-7 million this weekend, due to it’s disappointing cinemascore.

Second will easily head to Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which earned $4.7 million on Friday. That might seem small, but it is generally expected for animated movies to pick up drastically on weekends, due to the kids still being in schools on Friday. In comparison, Hotel Translyvania had a $6.5 million second Friday and the first Cloudy had a $5.6 million first day. However, it must be pointed out that this is after all a sequel, which makes it a bit more front-loaded. If it follows their release patterns, this film is headed for a weekend of around $20-21 million, which is okay.

Check back Sunday, as the box office report will be up!

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