Movie Review- Pacific Rim

Is Pacific Rim really the big blockbuster that everyone has been looking forward to? Not really domestically, where grosses are moderate, but one cannot deny that it rocks visually.

One of the most visually impressive films of the year will definitely earn lots of praise. Guillermo Del Toro has definitely advanced his skills as a filmmaker, and this is one of his best films to date. The fight scenes were visually impressive, in which the trailers have successfully proven, but what about everything else?

There is definitely lots of character development involved in Pacific Rim, as there are definitely scenes where between Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba. Otherwise, it looks like a great popcorn adventure. I have always been a kin lover of the IMAX format, and what I definitely could say is this film really blasts off in that format. The grand showdown between the Jaegars and the Kaijus recreated on the big screen… wow…

Let's go kill some monsters!
Let’s go kill some monsters!

There were definitely several questions that arose during the progress of the movie. Why did all the Kaijus appear in Hong Kong? Why not some other country facing the pacific? That was perhaps the question that bothered me the most. If you had watched the earlier parts of the film, the giant monsters had also appeared in places like Australia and Alaska, but why the sudden liking to Hong Kong?

You're too weak for a person like me!
You’re too weak for a person like me!

Idris Elba brings on an impressive appearance as the commanding officer of Raliegh (Hunnam), and his transition in tone is really great within the film. Rinko Kikuchi shows her ability to become an up and rising international star, with her great appearance within the film. However, her expressions were a little plain, though. Hunnam was also good. Now, the film definitely has an epic soundtrack, but nothing can be that impressive without Del Toro. He managed to create this film of such an epic scale, and bring about impressive set pieces. That, with the visual effects, make this one of the most impressive original live-action film I have seen in years, and definitely competes with the likes of Avatar in terms of grandeur. This film ended with a bang which I definitely enjoyed, and with all stories, there is always a happy ending, which shows the show’s protangists being happy in the end. Ron Pearlman’s appearance is definitely great, as he brings a comical twist to an otherwise serious film. Even the show’s professors, played by Charlie Day and Burn Gorman, serve as a great character, and they can be developed further, if there are more sequels to this film. They are always at loggerheads, which also make it seem a little humorous.

The story left a lot of threads dangling, but closed off with a satisfying ending that does not require another film to finish. Some parts of the film were definitely unnecessary, making this film seem a bit too long. Also, the film doesn’t really have a definite climax, but that is great either, as the action is spread out throughout the film. Drama is evidently used throughout the film, and they utilised that to revisit Mako Mori’s past in the film. A sense of mystery and hysteria is also throughout the film, as the characters venture to know about the secrets of the Kaijus, while also facing more regular and serious threats. This film has definitely brought it’s potential to the max, and has therefore been a satisfying experience all together.

The film has one problem that was already addressed when trailers were released- the film does not clearly differentiate between Godzilla and Transformers. The film has all the traits of those, with Godzilla wrecking havoc and big robots fighting back against the threat. Despite this film attempting to take on a more realistic approach to this big problem, and the fact that the robots were slower and controlled by humans, I feel that the film could have made this look much more different instead of being more of a replica. Definitely looking forward to any sequels, though, if there are any in the future.

Without the dangling threads throughout the film, and close resemblances to other Hollywood sensations like Transformers and Godzilla, this film would have been a great visual spectacle, and a great popcorn adventure worth watching.Check back soon for more movie reviews, as we write more daily!



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