September 2013 Look Back Analysis (Movies)

After a few weeks, I am back to regular posting yet again! Remember to like our facebook page on the right sidebar to show us your support, and participate in the movie poll as soon as you have finished reading this post. Anyway, let’s begin the market analysis for September 2013 at the movies.

Previously thought to be a possible contender for biggest September of all time, this year, however, failed to clinch the title, instead being around on par with September last year. This year earned around $575.2 million, slightly up from last year’s $572.7 million, but down from the record $603.5 million earned back in 2011 with the likes of The Lion King, Contagion and The Help. Fortunately, though, this month makes it the fifth consecutive month to overtake 2012’s record gross, which makes this year’s gross the biggest yet as to date.

Leading the pack of films was none other than Insidious Chapter 2, which earned the second biggest debut of the month but failed to gain any momentum after it’s opening on Friday the 13th. It hasn’t even earned back twice of it’s opening weekend gross yet, due to great drops which are pretty typical of a horror movie. Bad reviews couldn’t help either, and that resulted in the film earning $69.7 million. That already isn’t bad, as it gave FilmDistrict yet another new opening weekend record, and it’s second highest grossing movie to date. That makes it the third biggest horror movie of the year to date, but expect it to overtake Mama soon.

Playing second was none other than Lee Daniel’s The Butler, with $42 million. That holding power this film has garnered is really impressive, and with constant drops of less than 40%, this makes it one of the year’s biggest surprise hits, as well as an Oscar contender replicating the path of success of The Help. This film has already earned more than $100 million domestically to date, and will continue showing impressive holds.

Third was Riddick with $40.2 million. That was higher than $39.24 million earned by Pitch Black, but lower than the $57.76 million earned by Chronicles of Riddick. This film, however, had the added benefit of boosted price tickets, and with ticket price inflation, this film is undeniably the lowest grossing yet in the franchise. However, this film’s budget is much lower, which is indeed good news for the studio.

Fourth was Prisoners with $39.4 million. Yet another minor awards contender, great reviews could not translate to great holds, as the film has had a drop of over 47% on it’s second weekend. This film cannot be blamed however, and this situation looks like it will continue, with an overwhelming amount of adult dramas releasing over the next few weeks, with the likes of Gravity and Captain Phillips.

We’re the Millers is yet another big surprise hit which was carried over from August, earning $37.9 million. The film was really well-received by the audiences, despite having blistering reviews, and that definitely is good news- the film is having impressive holds, and will likely continue to do so.

Sadly, this film opened in the last weekend of the month, when it could really push this month to become a record month at the box office- Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 definitely had the chance to be the biggest film of the month, after it opened with $34 million. However, it could only earn back $35.4 million in the entire month, which is a shame. However, expect this to help push October forward to become one of the biggest Octobers yet.

Instructions Not Included wasn’t a disappointment, it was a big hit, considering it’s limited release status. It earned $34.1 million in the month of September, big enough to make it the highest grossing spanish film domestically, ahead of Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth.

The Family made a bit of noise with $34 million. This is an average amount, but with a star-studded cast, this film ought to earn more.

The remainder of the top 10 chart was relatively quiet, with little noise being made. Planes was tops with $19.9 million, while One Direction: This is Us earned $15.9 million.

Other releases not in the top 10 charts but was released in this month include Rush ($11 million), Baggage Claim ($9.6 million), Don Jon ($9.5 million) and Battle of the Year ($7.6 million).

With three months left in 2013, it becomes more and more likely that this year is going to beat last year’s record, especially if next month’s gross proves something. October’s offerings include the highly anticipated Gravity, Captain Phillips, Carrie, The Counselor and Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa, among other films.

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