Box Office Long Range Forecast Special Edition: Is April the new launching month for summer?

Captain America Winter Soldier
This weekend, the box office long range forecast will engage in something really different, and instead of focusing on just one film, we will be focusing on an entire month. Yes, an entire month. Before this post continues, remember to give our facebook page a like and participate in the site’s movie poll on the right sidebar.

If any of you have been studying the line-up for April next year (I have been), you will be in for a great surprise- there will be several potential and confirmed blockbusters releasing in that month. April has historically been a quiet month at the box office, with franchise films like Fast and Furious and Rio having once occupied that month. However, none has seen as many as next year’s offerings being released in just a month, and will definitely cause a question to arise- is April the next dumping ground for blockbusters?

April has always been quieter, when compared to March, which has assured studios is reliable recently, and May, the official starting month of summer. Dramas and comedies are usually released during this period, and adult films always take priority. Take this year’s offerings, for example, which was led by 42, Evil Dead and Oblivion, all original fare who fared moderately. The Croods was tops, mostly due to the quiet crop of films which pop up in the month.

However, next year’s offerings are really different. Apart from the usual choice of genre films from drama, comedy and horror, 3 of the 4 weekends have already been booked by blockbusters of varying degrees- namely Captain America: Winter Soldier, Transcendence and Rio 2.

All the above mentioned films are hailed to a certain degree, as the first and third are from well-acclaimed franchises and studios, and are sequels to films which have earned over $100 million domestically. The second one stars Johnny Depp and a star studded cast, in a potentially big budget science fiction trailer which is definitely interesting. All of those films are already sure bets of earning over $100 million domestically each.

Compare that with this year’s offerings. None of the films managed to overtake The Croods, with it earning a tepid $75 million in the month alone. What this also means is that next year’s April slate will mean a lot for Hollywood in their future casting decisions. Even Ted 2 was previously eyeing an April 2015 release date before being pushed back to June, which shows that as time passes, studios are starting to show confidence in the month of April as more and more franchise blockbusters enter the quieter season. This trend has been observed due to studios not wanting to cramp their films in summer, where there are bigger films, and also not wanting to face much competition.

If this is really what is happening, it might make what Hollywood calls summer start much earlier, even potentially in March. March has seen films like Alice in Wonderland and Hunger Games shine, and that will most likely continue through next year with Need for Speed, Divergent and 300: Rise of an Empire being released. Next month’s line-up will be very important to Hollywood, as it’s success will definitely usher in a new era where more blockbusters come in to feel up April.That looks like it will be the end of this week’s long range forecast, so leave us a thought or two concerning April 2014’s line-up, or future summers begining early. I will definitely be welcome to any suggestions either, as long as it is not spam. Meanwhile, once again, remember to like the site’s facebook page and participate in the monthly movie poll on the right sidebar. See ya soon, and check back regularly for more posts!

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