Site News- September 2013

Nothing much in this post, apart from regular updates of this site, along with upcoming plans:

Firstly, a site introduction. Recently, I have started participating in a box office prediction website and it turns out to be quite fun, so if you have not, I strongly encourage you to check it out, and create an account there. The site is titled Box Office Ace, and is at Visit it if you have the time!

Secondly, our site went 4 months old about a day ago. Yes, a day ago! Though that isn’t much, since it’s not a year, it’s worth noting that time is passing really quickly. And that also means that this site is sending it’s registration form to be part of LAMB, one of the largest film communities on the internet. And yeap, we will be part of it anytime now.

Lastly, once again, I am going to say that apart from box office forecasts on Monday and box office reports on either monday or tuesday, there will be no more posts or the way till 3rd October 2013, due to my ongoing papers which are cropping up, and I really need time to catch up with my work. Yeap, I will not be totally gone though, so any emails will still be read. Also, I promise that after I am back, movie reviews will come at a extreme pace, due to me missing out on a lot when I had to focus on other issues, so that means every review from World War Z will be written. That is over three months worth of films, so we will be posting one a day then. Also, I will be regularly updating our movie wiki at a rate of 5-10 a day starting from that very day I are back. I know that I have been neglecting it, so I will be hard at work on it, and I will put second-top priorities over it. Our 2015 analysis post will be coming soon either, so check back then. Lastly, you must have been wondering why stopped having posts since a few months back. Well, I have no time to maintain the site, and I really need time to transfer my posts over and potentially redirect my site from here, so I will be coming back there as soon as I am back.

Lastly, and most importantly, would be the theme change. Most of you regular readers would have known that I have just recently updated my theme to something which is more friendly, and with that, my about page, which has been launched as my home page. I hope that you find this theme better and more colorful, and if you have any feedback or other themes to propose for me to use, I will be glad to hear it. And I mean it.

So here ends my lengthy site news post for the month. I will be back on October 4th 2013, so meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for news on the box office, and check back for everything else on October 4th! Also, like our facebook page so that you know what you have missed while you were gone! Farewell!


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