October 2013 at the movies

Hey guys! You might be imagining why this post is coming unbelievably early, but that is mainly due to my unavailability for the rest of the month, until 3rd October 2013. Therefore, only expect box office forecasts to appear on Monday, and maybe box office reports to come either then, or a day after. Whatever it is, once we are back, I promise you I will be as furious as ever to rush through the movie wiki, and boxofficefrontier.com, plus various updates. Once again, remember to like this facebook page if you want to keep up to date with our site starting from October 3rd. Sorry for this short post, as I was mostly rushing through the back of it. Meanwhile, here we start:

October 2013 is usually best known for Paranormal Activity films, but unfortunately for most of us, this year won’t see any, due to the diminishing returns for the previous outing. Luckily, the studio has promised not just one, but two of them next year, so I guess this year won’t see any of that. However, this month will be a little different from the landscape over the past few years, as after Argo’s success showed everyone last year, movies released in October still have a high chance of having awards recognition. Unfortunately, that’s what studios are doing, so the month will most likely be dominated by these type of films, and nothing much after that. Here is the list of films releasing briefly, in consecutive order based on their release date:

Runner Runner
Captain Phillips
Machete Kills
Escape Plan
The Fifth Estate
The Counselor
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Yes, we cannot deny that this film still spots some potential blockbusters, but it really isn’t what we expect from the norm of this month. So, here we go:

October 4th 2013
Releases: Gravity, Runner Runner

This weekend should be one we lookout for, mostly due to Gravity. Gravity, as you should probably know by know, is by far one of my favourite award contenders for this year, not only due to the cast boasting George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but also due to this film being set in space, which has been praised by even the best of talents, James Cameron, who mentioned that this is the best space film he has ever seen. Screening in several film festivals should most likely be enough to provide people a brief understanding of what to expect, so word-of-mouth should already be furious by now. We do expect Gravity to perform in line with last year’s Argo, or even better, due to it’s larger appeal, and IMAX ticket price advantages. Therefore, I am predicting an opening of over $30 million, though that might be oversaturated at the moment.

Runner Runner is a different story. We don’t expect it to receive as much buzz as the previous film on this list, but with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, at least the audience should turn out in force. Those who want to see who they can expect to see in the cape of Batman in two years time will see this film, but other than that and the cast’s respective fanbases, we don’t expect this film to shine that bright among the month’s other films.

October 11th 2013
Releases: Captain Phillips, Machete Kills

Captain Phillips comes a week after Gravity, but this one doesn’t have as much of a appeal, other than the fact that it contains Tom Hanks, and a renowned director. Yet another oscar hopeful, this film’s marketing has been decent at the least, and being based on a true story can certainly help boost this film’s earnings. We expect this film to earn around $15 million on opening weekend, but have fantastic legs all the way to December.

Machete Kills is a weird film (to me) where the woman with the weird accent from Modern Family plays someone wearing armour for a specific body part with guns. And that is enough to excite the most excited of friends. Apart from that, this film boasts a very star-studded cast, even more than the first film. However, it is worth noting that the film barely brought in money domestically, so this film should reach about the same, and barely reach $50 million domestically.

18th October 2013
Releases: Carrie, Escape Plan, The Fifth Estate

Carrie is another horror movie attempt, but this one based on a popular Stephen Kings novel. I certainly have high hopes for this one, mainly due to my liking on the genre, but also because horror movies have been having a fantastic year to date, and this one releases over a month after Insidious Chapter 2, which is the last one to arrive in theatres. Expect this film to earn around $60 million domestically by the end of it’s run.

Escape Plans stars two popular stars which mostly appeal to the older generations, trying to escape from the prison, which is what one of them (Sylvester Stallone) usually does. Good for them, and we are sure Lionsgate definitely wants to make this film a success due to it’s interesting premise, but unfortunately, not much buzz has been aroused, and with a limited scale of marketing, it might barely make it to $30 million by the end of it’s run.

The Fifth Estate would be the third film in three weeks which is an awards hopeful, and this one stars Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been hot lately due to the amount of projects he is involved in (especially in awards contenders). Apart from that, this is based on another true story on wikileaks, so we expect this one to bring in slightly less than Captain Phillips, while topping out at around $50 million.

28th October 2013:
Releases: The Counselor, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Perhaps one of the more exciting periods of the month, and the transition month to November, a hotter month, this weekend should see two of the bigger releases of the month pit it out.

The Counselor is Ridley Scott’s next film after Promethus, and this brings back Michael Fassbender, along with a cast containing well-known celebrities, all determined to bring back an Oscars for this film. The cast alone will bring in a large crowd, and with a large marketing scale to date, this film will almost easily hit $70 million.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa will be slightly harder to predict, mainly due to the fact that this film brings back the same laughs which made the first two great, but only brings back one of the main cast members. This will limit the group rushing out to see this, but the film’s appeal should carry on to more people, and most likely have a 50% drop from the previous film’s gross, or perhaps less.

Here is our current estimates for the film’s opening weekend, and end domestic cume:

Gravity- $34 million- $129 million end gross
Runner Runner- $14 million- $35 million end gross
Captain Phillips- $18 million- $63 million end gross
Machete Kills- $12 million- $27 million end gross
Carrie- $26 million- $60 million end gross
Escape Plan- $13 million- $33 million end gross
The Fifth Estate- $14 million- $46 million end gross
The Counselor- $25 million- $73 million end gross
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa- $35 million- $74 million end gross

That’s all for now, so remember to check back next week for the box office forecast and box office report! For now, if you would like to check out any other post, you can either like our facebook page and we will notify you whenever we are back or a post is up, or you can check back October 3rd 2013. For now, see ya!

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