Long Shot Box Office Forecast: Will Walking with Dinosaurs appeal?

This weekend, we are looking back at December, where we see a film which is controversial enough to garner attention, especially since it is going up against Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. If you have no idea what I am even talking about, here it is- it is basically a silent movie where Dinosaurs roam the earth, and it puts you in a first person perspective of a Dinosaur. Sure, the visuals are cool, but who would want to watch a film where there is no conversation? This film has basically grabbed my attention, and I think that the 3D will be really cool (you will know what I am talking about if you watch the trailer). It’s themes are definitely strong, and with this year’s really quiet holiday season, I think that such films can really shine, especially with families, since it appeals to kids the most. The budget is really moderate, which means there is almost no possibility this film will tank, but it’s reviews will really matter for it, especially since it  is released that close to Christmas.  It certainly looks like Fox has already started spending boatloads of money on this film’s marketing, which will go a long way to making this film become a success. However, whether it resonates with everyone or not is definitely a big question mark, and we will definitely cover this interesting film in detail later on during the year. For now, our current estimates put this film in a opening weekend gross of around $14 million, before having good holding power.

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D will arrive in theatres December 20th 2013, in time for Christmas in 3D (obviously).

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