Box Office Report: Insidious Chapter 2 scares off all other films

What happened this weekend? As expected, Insidious Chapter 2, which is rumoured to be director James Wan’s final horror film (I actually like his horror movies, so why leave?), did extraordinarily, earning $41.05 million to become the second biggest September opener of all time, just behind last year’s Hotel Translyvania ($42.5 million), leaving almost everyone shocked, whereas The Family performed moderately, but still served as a comeback for Robert De Niro ($14.5 million). As expected, the top 12 films combined earned a not that massive but still good for fall $90.3 million, good enough to overtake last year by 31%.

Nobody predicted that Insidious Chapter 2 could be that massive, with pre-release tracking and studio estimates placing this film closer to $20-$30 million range. However, as the Fandango pre-release sales proved, and continuing on with what seems like one of the best years for horror, it overperformed by several times, and like The Conjuring, left everyone flabbergasted. Despite it earning less than The Conjuring over opening weekend ($41.9 million), there were indeed several factors in that other film’s favour- a prime summer release date, and this film is still better, considering it’s micro-budget, earning three times more than the first film’s opening weekend etc. Despite not that favourable reviews from critics, audiences embraced it and enjoyed it, as it’s cinemascore was B+, which is better than the norm for the genre. It gave James Wan two $40 million hits in a year, a second for a director, after the Wachowski Brothers for Matrix. This film succeeded primarily thanks to goodwill from the original, as well as the Friday the 13th opening day. However, an alarming figure would be that of it’s Friday share of the weekend- from current estimates, it seats at 48.9% of the weekend share. That also makes this film the biggest yet for FilmDistrict in terms of opening weekend numbers, ahead of Olympus has Fallen earlier this year ($30.4 million). 52% of moviegoers were male, while 62% were under the age of 25. Expect this film to have a fiery drop next weekend, before stabilizing over the coming weeks.

Second went straight to The Family, and as mentioned earlier, earned a moderate $14.5 million. That isn’t that bad, and it can served as Robert De Niro’s comeback film, after the recent string of failures. However, this film had much more potential, with it’s cast including Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer. Whatever it is, it is Luc Besson’s second highest opening as director as of now. 54% of moviegoers were female, while 83% were over the age of 25. The film was awarded a disappointing C cinemascore, which is a bad sign for the film going forward.

Third went to Riddick, which had a big but expected drop of 63% to $7.01 million. The film has earned $31.3 million to date, which isn’t anywhere close to the gross of The Chronicles of Riddick at the same pace.

Fourth went to Lee Daniel’s The Butler, which is still having a memorable run. It dropped 34% to $5.6 million, successfully pushing this film past the $100 million milestone. It has earned $100.04 million to date.

Fifth went to We’re the Millers, which is having a neck-to-neck fight with Lee Daniel’s The Butler. It dropped a small 30% to $5.4 million, which makes it 2013’s second most successful comedy, after The Heat ($158 million). It also makes it surpass films like Superbad to become the highest grossing August R-Rated comedy release ever.

Instructions Not Included had a rougher drop this time round, despite adding over 200 theatres into it’s count. It dropped 47.8% to $4.25 million, for a current domestic cume of $26.58 million. That is already a very impressive figure, and together with Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, has become Lionsgate’s successful counter-programming (both films were never expected to be that big, especially due to their theatre count).

Planes was 7th, with $3.1 million (-25.6%), for a current cume of $83.0 million whereas 8th place went to One Direction: This is Us, which held better (-40.7%), allowing it to earn $2.4 million, mainly due to them releasing an extended cut of around 20 minutes of unseen footage.

Elysium was 9th, while Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was 10th. They earned $2.05 million (-34.7%) and $1.83 million (24.8%) respectively this weekend, for a current domestic cume of $88.4 million and $62 million respectively.

On a more quieter note, This is the End, which re-released in over 2000 theatres last weekend, has finally surpassed the $100 million milestone after a $780,000 weekend. It has earned $100.4 million to date.

Once again, please remember to like our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest updates! We will not be around later this week till 3rd October 2013 (maybe 4th), so no special posts will be written here, other than the weekly box office forecast, and tomorrow’s  October 2013 preview. When we come back, you will be assured to know that we will be hard at work on, the movie reviews we have missed out (uncountable amounts), as well as our movie wiki. Until then, stay with us!


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