Is Insidious 2 being as well received as the original film

Insidious Chapter 2 poster

I have been going to my commonly-visited site, rotten tomatoes, regularly, but one film which caught my attention, perhaps due to my liking of both the genre and of the director’s film, but currently, out of two reviews, it seems like both are rotten. That is a shock to me, as I have always thought that the director’s standard in filmmaking have improved, looking at The Conjuring. Unfortunately, here is what critics have to say:


For all but the most forgiving horror fans, this is a lazy, stupid and incoherent failure.


Considerably less grounded in any kind of recognizable reality than the first chapter.

What does that potentially mean? Does it mean that this film is much worse than the original? Luckily it’s just two reviews in right now, but I am currently skeptical about this film breaking out as much as The Conjuring, and am decreasing my current estimate to a more reserved $27 million opening weekend. That’s all for now, so check back soon for more!


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