The Long Shot Box Office Forecast: Will the Thor sequel continue Marvel’s glory?

Will Thor: The Dark World continues Marvel's Phase 2 winning streak?

Will Thor: The Dark World continues Marvel’s Phase 2 winning streak?
As The Avengers and Iron Man 3 has shown, nobody has got tired of Marvel superhero movies yet, and they are looking at Thor: The Dark World’s performance to see whether the theory is correct.

Thor: The Dark World has almost the same benefits as Iron Man 3- it comes in the post-era of The Avengers, and Thor has previously appeared in not only the first film, but also in that superhero team-up movie. Iron Man 3 managed to jump from a gross in the $600 million ballparks to become a $1.8 billion grosser- more than two times the previous films. This was mostly due to the fact that Iron Man was a show snatcher, and was most likely the highlights of the show. However, Thor: The Dark World brings back Loki, who is renowned on playing the villain in The Avengers, and is some sorting hat one of the most beloved in the Marvel movie universe yet. With two characters in one show, everyone will definitely one to catch this film to know what happens after the events of The Avengers, which will deniably already make this film a success, but the big question is- can it have as much good will brought forward from The Avengers, and manage to have a similar growth? This question cannot be answered just yet, but it is worth noting that Thor:The Dark World is releasing in a relatively quiet November like and as usual, which makes competition much less scary and gruesome than in May. Having Anthony Hopkins name attached to most marketing,and this film having a more interesting premiere than the first will also help. However, due to a larger gap between The Avengers to this film will most likely tamper this film’s gross slightly. Don’t forget, either, that Thor isn’t the show snatcher in the series, in Loki role is very minimal in the second film, as he will be taking the backseat this time round with Odin being the main antagonists. However, despite there being several setbacks, this film currently has lots of marketing material going around, with posters and trailers already being widespread on the internet. Even the marketing style for one of it’s posters strangely resembles Iron Man 3, which means that Marvel is most likely revisiting it’s success formula.I expect a more mild jump, and I expect this film to earn around 1.5 times the previous film’s gross. We will revisit this film closer to the release date in the November box office forecast, as well as the daily box office forecast which comes every week. For now, I expect a final gross of $230 million domestically, and $620 million worldwide.


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