Box Office Report: Riddick leads quietest weekend of the year… yet

I hate it when the theatres get quiet, and when school resumes and everything else gets ordinary, as there is that kind of atmosphere I like about summer… and that might be the reason why any distributor (or studio) that I can possibly think of is either dumping their useless movies on this weekend, but Riddick looks like something different. Okay, enough with my long–windedness, and as the title implies, this weekend is the lowest grossing one yet this year, with the top 12 only able to fetch $66.1 million, which is low compared to the usual $100 million we expect from the usual summer weekend.

Wait what? My film brought in lower than the estimates? How is that possible?
Wait what? My film brought in lower than the estimates? How is that possible?

The winner by a long mile easily went on to Riddick. Vin Diesel’s passion project even resulted in star and producer mortgaging his house for it, and thank goodness that this project did not cost anywhere near the previous film. The film earned lesser than Pitch Black on opening weekend, even when you do not adjust for inflation. However, it still brought in $19.03 million, which is still more than The Chronicles of Riddick. That is a low figure, considering Vin Diesel’s fame has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to his role in the Fast and Furious movies, as well as the upcoming Marvel project which should have brought him some attention. It earned less than modest estimates, and it’s score on rotten tomatoes couldn’t help either, with just over 58% as of post time. The film was male-centric, with 59% of moviegoers being male, with another 53% of them being over the age of 30. The film received a B cinemascore, and it looks like the audience was fulled by mainly hispanics (37% is an alarming figure).

Second was non other than Lee Daniel’s The Butler, which has demonstrated holding power similar to an Oscar contender. It fell 44%, mostly due to it being Labour Day weekend last week, to $8.4 million. Still, it has earned $91.4 million, and nothing can ever stop it from hitting the $100 million milestone, which makes this another win for Weinstein Company this year, after Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained. On a side note, Weinstein Co.’s ascend to an A list studio is mostly fuelled by award contenders, which further proves their high standards of movies, as all three movies stated above are strong award contenders.

Third went to Instructions Not Included, which upped it’s theatre count to 717, and brought back $8.15 million, a 4% increase from last weekend. With an A+ cinemascore, it looks like this movie is worth highlighting, due to it being a sort of a surprise hit by a large extent. The film has given Lionsgate $20.4 million, a sum which they should be happy about.

Fourth went to We’re the Millers. A late-summer comedy hit and the only film that month to pass $100 million, this came as a surprise to both New Line and Warner Bros. The film earned $7.7 million after dipping 40%. It has earned $123.6 million to date, which means that the film has absolutely no hope to surpass The Heat’s number as the highest grossing comedy this summer.

Planes came in 5th with $4.1 million, a 46.8% drop from last weekend. Grosses for the film up to now domestically lies at $79.1 million. 6th went to last week’s champ, One Direction: This is Us concert movie, which dropped several positions, and 74% to $4.05 million this weekend. That isn’t anywhere as good as the Justin Bieber concert movie, and any hopes of it stabilizing and benefiting from it’s cinemascore is very minimal, with the film bringing in a mild $23.9 million to date.

Elysium and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters took the next two spots, by bringing in $3.1 million and $2.4 million respectively. They have brought in a total of $85.1 million and $59.8 million domestically respectively.

Blue Jasmine earned $2.35 million this weekend, which is a 41.1% drop from last weekend, and has earned $25.1 million to date. Last place went to The World’s End, which earned $2.3 million (-54%) for a current domestic cume of $21.8 million.Check back regularly for more box office news, as we bring it to you as soon as the data is available. These numbers are based on the actuals, and the post is updated with the most recent numbers.e

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