The Long Shot Box Office Forecast: Will Divergent reach the overwhelming success and level of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter?


There has been several debates over the internet over whether Divergent will become the next Hunger Games and Twilight, and this post is really dedicated to analysing all available information and give my predictions for the release next year. From the studio that helmed The Hunger Games and Twilight (Summit is owned by Lionsgate, so basically Summit films are Lionsgate films), the studio is really confident on this film’s amazing prospects, already trying to convince investors to increase the company’s shares based on this. This series, undeniably, is a very popular one indeed, and is currently selling more books at around the same period, when compared with Twilight or The Hunger Games franchise. That is needless to say, that, it will also overtake Harry Potter at this pace, considering Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games has overtaken that other franchise’s sales. The recognizable supporting cast can help boost this film’s receipts, but all hope is currently lying on the main cast. Undeniably, this film bares several similiarities in storylines, themes and concepts with The Hunger Games, and might even be seen as a replica.
Another odd against this film’s favour is the recent performance of young adults novels. With every Hunger Games would be a few more Beautiful Creatures and The Host, and studios are definitely avoiding that fate for their potential franchise. This year has already seen three failures in the name of those featured above, as well as the recent Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, ruining the chance of any franchise, and any small mistake in the marketing will result in Divergent having the same fate. The studio is definitely having high hopes on this film, already releasing a teaser trailer, accompanied by a featurette, and are marketing this similarly with The Hunger Games.

No studio has ever done better than Lionsgate in doing this type of films, unless you consider Warner Bros for Harry Potter. Whether this film can mirror the success of previous YGA successes is definitely a great possibility now, but we cannot say anything until the date comes closer. As you can see, it is releasing on the exact same weekend the original Hunger Games released in back in 2012, which expresses confidence on this film becoming the next great hit for the studio. Whatever it is, it really has gotten the industry grooling, and the shares have skyrocketed to big numbers. We are currently expecting this film to earn north of $130 million on opening weekend, but numbers might change, and we are really anticipating this film (my anticipated list for next year).Check back again soon for the box office report, as well as the summer look back post! Meanwhile, visit my new website via the URL at See ya soon!


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