Box Office Report: One Direction leads relatively quiet weekend at box office

Blame it for being the last weekend of this year’s record breaking summer. Or blame it for being the transition month between summer and fall. But this weekend was the second weekend in a row in which no film grossed more than $20 million, which makes it one of the lowest grossing weekends of the year so far.

One Direction lead the tribe easily, securing $17 million. That is a relatively big drop, considering Friday accounted for an est. 52.1% of opening weekend business. With such numbers, expect this film to drop big over the coming weeks, and possibly not earn much more than Justin Bieber concert film’s opening weekend gross. However, the one bright side is that is has secured the biggest concert movie opening weekend gross within two years, which is much better than Katy Perry’s concert movie last year. The audience was overwhelmingly female- 87% of moviegoers were female, and 65% were under the age of 17. The movie earned a glowing A cinemascore.

Second place continues going to long reigning awards contender The Butler, which held up extremely well for a weekend take of $14.7 million in it’s third weekend. That’s a drop of 10.7%, a very small drop. With this pace, this film will have no problem earning $100 million by the end of the month, which makes this yet another success for Weinstein Company. It currently has collected $74 million to date.

Third place was also occupied by a holdover, this one though is a great surprise for many, as We’re the Millers continues holding at an unbelievable rate. It dropped a mere 3.4%,and earned $12.6 million this weekend. The film has hit $109.6 million to date, and we have reasons to believe that this might be the biggest comedy hit of summer if it continues holding on so well (even bigger than The Heat!)

One would be thinking that there is only one film opening wide this weekend, but in fact there is three. But none of them managed to hit fourth place as Planes grabbed away the position by earning $7.8 million, a 9.6% dip. That’s also quite a good hold, but will still ultimately fall short of $100 million. It has earned $70.8 million to date.

5th place is actually one that nobody even though would hit the top 10. And yet this unknown film did. Only releasing in 347 theatres, Instructions Not Included managed to earn $7.5 million, which represents over $21,000 per theatre average. With good word of mouth ‘A+ cinemascore’ , expect this film to at least earn a few times it’s opening weekend gross by the end of it’s run.

6th place goes to Elysium, which earned $6.3 million, or a 9% drop. It has earned $78.4 million to date. Meanwhile, 7th and 8th place goes to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The World’s End respectively. The former earned $5.2 million for a 44.3% drop, with a current total of $22.65 million while the latter earned $4.8 million, a 46% drop and currently has a $16.57 million domestic total. Both films have disappointed, and did not reach their fullest potential, which means almost zero chance Mortal Instruments sees another installment on the big screen, or The World’s End reaching the previous film in the trilogy (despite it beating the first).

9th place goes to Getaway. Despite having stars Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, the show disappointed with a meagre $4.5 milloin. Despite sufficient marketing and a cool premise, the film failed to distinguish itself from previous similar hits, and add on blistering reviews, and this film is all but set to fail.

10th place went to Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, with $4.4 million (-16.1%), and currently has a total of $55 million.

The other opener of the weekend disappointed even further than Getaway. Closed Circuit only released in 870 theatres, but it failed to replicate previous films of similar status (The Debt etc.), and eventually disappointed further with $2.54 million. Add in the Wednesday and Thursday numbers, and the film has earned $3.06 million to date.

The Grandmaster earned 16th place, just behind CLosed Circuit, with $2.45 million in 749 theatres. It has earned $2.64 million to date.

The top 10 earned an estimated $92.8 million, down from last year, when The Possession led with over $20 million. However, expect the box office to rebound next weekend slightly with the opening of Riddick.

Check back later today or tomorrow for the summer 2013 look back, to see what you have missed and the bright (and needless to say gleam spots) of the box office. See ya!


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