Box Office Forecast: Riddick

Finally, the days of summer, where everyone crowds at the beaches, or in air-conditioned environments, like the theatres, is long gone, and as students go back to school, we are back in yet another month with more adult fanfare. This weekend, being the transition month, will see only one R-rated movie, Riddick. This weekend last year was one of the quietest weekends of the year, with no films earning more than $10 million dollars. The Words earned $4.75 million on opening weekend, which was good enough for 4th place, whereas The Cold Light of Day earned $1.8 million, at 13th place. Thanks to the great holding power of The Butler and We’re the Millers, along with the great performance of Riddick which is supposed to come with it, this weekend will most likely beat last year’s by a large margin.


Nothing much to spot in theatres this weekend, other than cult favourite Riddick. To give you some background history on the film, this franchise has spawned two other films, Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. It was the former which left a lasting impression on audiences, while the second one would most likely be forgotten. Star Vin Diesel is now seeing a better time and more recognition on the big screen, thanks to his role in Fast and Furious, which is now at the peak of it’s franchise. Of course, the film is already taking advantage of the fact that people can pay premium ticket prices to catch this film- this film is entering IMAX theatres. Current reviews and word from those that have watched it says that the film is reminding audiences more about the first film rather than the second, which is a good sign considering the former was a much better received film. The film, after it’s previous disappointment, isn’t repeating it’s mistakes, as it’s budget is seating at a low $38 million. Despite the film being rated R, which might limit it’s potential fanbase, we expect this film to mostly be caught by the fanbase of both the star as well as the films, which means that audiences will rush out first thing on Friday to catch the film, before this film tails off significantly over the weekend. With hardly any competition in the marketplace, and not any film which is fighting for the same audience we can think of, it seems that this film should be able to hit around $20 million, or even better, try to aim for $30 million. I am currently saying $26 million.

As previously mentioned, this post would be rather short due to the simple reason of there being no other films releasing on that very weekend. Here are the top 10 estimates for the weekend:
1)Riddick- $26 million
2)The Butler- $12.6 million
3)We’re the Millers- $11.8 million
4)One Direction: This is Us- $6.9 million
5)Planes- $6.8 million
6)Instructions not Included- $5.2 million
7)Elysium- $4.9 million
8)The World’s End- $3.8 million
9)Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters- $3.4 million
10)The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones- $2.9 million

TOTAL TOP 10: $84.3 million

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