Singapore Box Office- Mortal Instruments leads quiet weekend

Note: Theatre means screen
Yes, as the summer movie season ends in the US and in most parts of the world, a tropical country like Singapore would also get affected, as this weekend ended up being one of the quietest yet this summer.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, despite faltering in the US, manages to at least be less of an embarrassment, as it unleashes in 54 screens with $672,655. That makes up a per-theatre average of over $12, 000. With the numbers, expect the film to end off with a gross of around $1.4 million.
Last week’s champ, Elysium, dropped on average (54.2%) to $335,986. It has grossed $1,243,129 to date. Say whatever you want, but this film has already earned over 3 times more than what District 9 earned here. However, expect it’s theatre count to drop quickly- it gave up 8 of its 46 screens.
Two new openers littered the next two spots, which respectively are The Internship and Kick-Ass 2. It really was a shocker that The Internship inched ahead of the latter, and earned $291,827 for the weekend from 27 theatres. That is a $10,808 average for each theatre, which is quite high.
Kick-Ass 2 earned $211,757 from 24 theatres, which makes up a $8,823 per-theatre average. In comparison, the original earned $276,110 on the same weekend. Expect an end-gross around $480,000.
The Conjuring continues to hold up decently in Singapore, and earned an additional $161,866, a 6p.7% drop from last weekend. It might seem steep, but it actually dropped 5 of its 31 theatres. Nonetheless, the film has already earned $2,006,784 million here, which is quire high.
Jobs occupied the next position with with $53,689, a 66.8% dip. It looks like the audience is not interested in such a film, and has earned a disappointing $252,319 here to date.
The Smurfs 2 was next, and earned an additional $48,505 this weekend (-77.9% from last weekend. It dropped 32 of its 52 theatres, so this drop was inevitable. The film has grossed $1,306,361 to date.
Unbeatable, a chinese film, was next on the chart. It earned $45,032 this weekend and has earned $152,138 to date.
That girl in Pinafore earned $34,518 this weekend, and has earned $365,992 to date. It gave up 2 of its 12 screens this weekend.
The final film in the top 10 opened in sneak previews, and is titles Ilo Ilo. Appearing at the Cannes this year, the local film hit 15 screens for a $28,729 opening weekend gross. It seems that awards recognition does not necessarily translate to grosses.
With this, that’s all for now. Check back soon for the updated 2015 preview, the box office report for US and the look back at summer!


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