Plot Sypnosis: Strotthon

Sorry for the drastic change in the daily amount of posts last week, and full time posting shall resume next week. Meanwhile, the box office forecast is coming late this time round, so give us around a day before it comes out! Now, on to the proper post:

I have always been thinking about interesting film ideas, and of course even thinking about full-scale original stories (not kidding here). Perhaps one of the most ambitious of them all would be this project, titled Strotthon (wanted to name it stroton, but it was already a company’s name, so no copyright intended). Basically, I have decided to post down the full story on this site, which is going to be freaking long, right here, over the process of a year, before I move on to another one. You can expect one on a regular basis, and so today, I have decided to give you the plot sypnosis. Check back very soon for item guides, character introductions, and the full based story which consists of more than 100 parts right after those earlier are released!

Plot Sypnosis:
In the year 2029, New Orleans citizen Patrick Bennett, an average citizen, leaves his family for a business trip in Dubai. However, all hell breaks loose when gigantic asteroids, bigger than those that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago, are crashing towards Earth in a few days time. With Earth put totally unprepared, Jones has to travel back home on time with his family to catch the spaceship which will depart Earth, where all of them are put under ‘Eternal Space Drift’, while ‘Savins’ build what is called Earth’s last hope, or rather, individual colonies ranging a few miles wide in the middle of space.
The film takes place in the next generation, where Patrick is already in his mid-80s. His son ,Sidney Bennett, the reckless type, enters the travel station, or the current day space station, to illegally explore other colonies, which he believes exists. However, when he really visits one, all hell breaks loose as both colonies face off against each other in a epic fight of survival, and to explore the hostility of the human nature.

Remember to keep to date with our facebook page to keep up with the latest details! The first item guide should arrive early next week, so check back again! Meanwhile, how do you find this futuristic take? Do you still want these ideas to come into fruition? Sound off your thoughts below, and we will definitely reply them! Meanwhile, below is our upcoming plans in terms of order of such posts, which might change:
(Bold means released as of press time)
Plot Sypnosis– Item Guide 1- Character Introduction 1- Character Introduction 2- Story Part 1- Item Guide 2- Character Introduction 3- Item Guide 3- Item Guide 4- Story Part 2- Story Part 3- Story Part 4- Character Introduction 4-…


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