‘Smurfs 2’ movie review


Back to the good old times again. This time 1958.
Smurfs 2 is really an interesting film to talk about. Based on a Belgian comic and television franchise, the film really brings back a lot of nostalgia. However, the one big story that captured everyone’s attention is how it underperformed drastically in the US last weekend, even earning less than the same 5-day start for Turbo a week earlier, which isn’t even based on any source material to begin with. So here we are, bringing you the review of the film, Smurfs 2:

Speaking about Smurfs 2, I was indeed having an unbelievable time at the theaters. Yes, at least some laughs are delivered, but most likely they are geared towards the silly parts. Even some of the scenes are totally geared at little children (which adult enjoys seeing a ferris wheel going halfway across Paris, really?)
Looking at the film, that was already obvious- part 1 was also like that, right. Unfortunately, replicating the masterpiece in the name of Alvin and the Chipmunks turned into a failure, with a slow story, but still somewhat entertaining. This film puts Smurfette (Katy Perry) front and centre, which was indeed welcome news. To state it right, I feel that the ‘big’ villain of the film isn’t even fit to be one- he isn’t even challenging, only knowing how to turn people into ducks- and somehow, the film is playing from two different perspectives this time round- I just don’t know who to side with- Smurfs or Naughties.

Yes, our master is a KIND and FUNNY and STUPID little smurf-guy!
Yes, our master is a KIND and FUNNY and STUPID little smurf-guy!


Somehow, Smurfette really enjoys the fact that she has been kidnapped by Gargamel! And somehow she just gets persuaded by the Naughties to join forces! Neil Patrick Harris’ acting should once again be praised, for he brings in life to the film. Is the Smurfs still as entertaining as before, or is it worse? WORSE. Really, can’t Gargamel think of something smarter earlier? Okay, that’s all I am going to say for now, the only other praise I can give the film would be it’s setting, but the ending would be rather unknown for those who did not watch the first film (the house Gargamel fell into).

Yesss, we are on a smur-riss wheel, spinning around town!
Yesss, we are on a smur-riss wheel, spinning around town!

Question- why would be summon a water portal? Whatever it is, in a summer packed full of animated movies, this one will most likely be forgotten the earliest. I am just hoping that the third film will improve DRASTICALLY from this post-apocalyptic mess, or the franchise would be doomed. Really, will I Smurf-Care or Smurf-member?
Unless your child is persistent, do NOT watch this. Rental is still okay. Not worth cinema visit!


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