Early Box Office Report: We’re the Millers, Planes, Elysium starting off well, Percy Jackson underperforming

This is an early report, which means that this post will be amended regularly through next Tuesday, when the actuals come in. Please visit our facebook page by clicking here or go to boxofficefrontier.com!
Update 4: Elysium is going for the weekend crown this time round, as it seems, as it earns $11.2 million on Friday, inclusive of the $1.6 million earned in preview showings. The film is now looking for an opening in the $30 million or less range, which is rather disappointing, considering pre-release tracking was higher.
We’re the Millers, meanwhile, continues to outshine, after a lack of R-rated comedies in the marketplace, and despite it’s disastrous reviews, earns $8.5 million on Friday for a current total of $20 million.
Planes got off to a roaring start, grabbing $8.1 million on it’s first day of release. That is good news for the studio, who almost released this film straight on DVD, and bodes well for the sequel coming next year.
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters continues it’s disappointing run, earning $4.9 million on it’s third day in release. It has earned $15.3 million to date, and this film is all but certain to stay at 4th place this weekend.
Check back again tomorrow for the weekend estimates!
Update 3: We’re the Millers continues to overperform, earning $4.7 million on it’s second day, for a current $11.5 million cume. Percy Jackson continues to underperform, earning $3.4 million for a current total of $8.86 million. This film will no longer be able to hit $25 million in it’s 5 days debut frame.
The new openers, meanwhile, shined. Elysium performed decently, earning $1.6 million in Thurday night preview shows, which means that the film will definitely not hit District 9’s opening.
Update 2: Percy Jackson is holding on better than expected, earning $5.45 million on it’s first day. Meanwhile, We’re the Millers looks like it will perform better than This is the End, and despite it’s bad reviews, earned $6.78 million in it’s first day. Check back soon for more!
Update 1: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is underperforming, only nabbing $853k.
We’re the Millers has started off the 5-day weekend big, earning $1.7 million from Tuesday night previews. Check back soon for more!
That is less than the previous summer comedies, Grown Ups 2 ($3.6 million) and This is the End ($2.2 million). We will confirm whether that includes midnight grosses, but as of now, this film does look like it will hit the $25-$30 million range, unless business picks up rapidly over the weekend. Check back again soon for more information, and look out on this page for box office statistics for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and later on Friday, Elysium and Planes!


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