Box Office Report: 2 Guns is 1st, Smurfs 2 falters

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This weekend was a mixed bag, with two new films opening wide, 2 Guns and Smurfs 2, and ended off with the former winning the latter, which looks like quite a feat. The top 12 earned $123.3 million, enough to topple last year’s numbers by 8%.

2 guns movie poster
2 Guns earned $27.1 million, enough for first place. That is right on average with other Denzel Washington releases, but had the added advantage of having Mark Wahlberg in it as well. That is higher than director and star Mark Wahlberg’s previous collaboration, Contraband, which opened to the tune of $24.3 million early last year. 51% of the moviegoers were female, while 77% were 25 and older, which is rather high. The film was awarded a B+ cinemascore, and add that with currently rotten reviews, and this film should plummet quickly over the next few weeks. 28% of the audience was African-American, and 14% of them were Hispanics, which is quite a higher percentage.

The Wolverine dropped on average for and X-Men film, dipping 60% to $21.3 million. That is a large drop from opening weekend, but still much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine (69%). The film has currently earned $94.6 million to date, which still trails X-Men: First Class, the lowest grossing of the films, by $3.4 million.

The Smurfs 2
The Smurfs 2 becomes the next victim of what is now known as the fatigue resulted from the overwhelming amounts of animated films in the market- after Turbo faltered last week, there was hope that this film, with a more recognizable material and having the benefit of being a sequel, would perform better. However, the film did even worse, officially earning less than the original film in 5 days. The Smurfs 2 earned $17.5 million over the 3-day weekend, and $27.1 million for it’s first 5 days. That is worse than Turbo’s $31 million 5-day start last weekend, which indeed is disappointing. With really terrible reviews, and Planes release right around the corner, this film will most likely be forgotten by the end of summer. However, this should not be such a worry, considering most of it’s earnings will come from international territories. 80% of the audience were made up of families, and 63% of the audience were females. With an A- cinemascore, this film will hopefully have to bank on word of mouth, but it will not hit $100 million domestically.

The Conjuring once again broke it’s genre tradition by dropping 41% to $13.03 million. That is yet another impressive hold, and the film’s gross to date is $108 million. It has overtaken every film in the Paranormal Activity franchise, as well as director James Wan’s previous films, and really bodes well for the director’s upcoming films, Insidious 2 and Fast and Furious 7.

Despicable Me 2 stayed in the top 5 for yet another week, earning $10.1 million after a 38% drop. This film was unaffected by Smurfs 2, due to it’s failure of making much of an impact, which allows this film to continue prospering. The film has earned $326.4 million to date, effectively making this film the second-highest grossing film domestically to date for the year.

The Way, Way Back expanded into 1001 theatres this weekend, slightly more than last week’s count, and earned $2.73 million, a 21% dip. The film has earned $13.6 million to date. Meanwhile, Fruitvale Station dipped 43% to $2.6 million, earning $10.9 million to date. The To-Do List plummeted 61% to $622,000 for a current cume of $3.1 million.

After yet another record high theatre average for Woody Allen for his latest film Blue Jasmine last week in 6 theatres, the film expands into 50 locations this weekend, and earned $1.86 million. That is an impressive $37,174 per theatre average, which shows that this film is definitely still well-received and will hold on well through the upcoming weeks.

A24’s latest movie The Spectacular Now earned $197,415 million in 4 theatres in NYC and LA. That brings it to a $49,354 per-theatre average, which when pit with great reviews, could turn out to be better than their previous film, Bling Ring ($5.7 million).

Here is the top 10 box office result:
1)2 Guns-$27,059,130
2)The Wolverine-$21,324,890
3)The Smurfs 2-$17,548,389
4)The Conjuring-$13,027,154
5)Despicable Me 2-$10,134,120
6)Grown Ups 2-$7,945,069
8)Red 2-$5,556,294
9)The Heat-$4,623,895
10)Pacific Rim-$4,490,326

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