Despicable Me 2 crushes Lone Ranger, Kevin Hart film a success story

This weekend as a hold was once again an impressive one, earning an estimated $229,521,566, which is considered 10th all time for highest grossing weekends. This weekend, as expected, was led by Despicable Me 2, with an enormous sum even for a animated film, while Lone Ranger was a different story altogether. This year’s total was more than last year’s $196,376,928, which makes this another up weekend, something that has been going on and on again, and gives this weekend a boost to become yet another record month at the box office, like the previous two.

Despicable Me 2
Despicable Me 2 earned $83.5 million over the three-day weekend, and $143.1 million over the 5 day frame. This was definitely impressive, and was ahead of Toy Story 3’s $141 million. In the 3 day frame, it earned more than Monsters University, which earned $82.43 million. This allowed the film to have the third highest grossing 3 day weekend gross for the Independence Day weekend, just behind Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($97.85 million) and Spiderman 2 ($88.16 million). This film proved more front-loaded, but was most likely due to its event status film, and also being an anticipated sequel to the original, which also performed well. The film’s audience was 60 percent female and 55 percent under the age of 25. This film has an A cinemascore, and should sustain its word of mouth over the weeks, with lack of family films (at least blockbuster level ones) entering the marketplace.

The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger proved to be a bigger disappointment than many perceived, having bad reviews and ultimately earning $48.7 million in it’s first five days, and $29.3 million over the 3 day weekend. Western films have always been a tough sell, but this one boasted the same cast and crew as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Johnny Depps familiar face. International numbers have also not been spectacular so far, and with decent word of mouth (B+ cinemascore), this film should at least top out at $132 million. The film’s audience was made up of older people (68 percent over the age of 25) and male individuals (57 percent).

kevin hart let me explain
Yet another surprise hit for Lionsgate this summer, after fellow magician heist film Now You See Me, Kevin Hart: Let me Explain confirms that Kevin Hart is becoming a big star in Hollywood his film earned $17.4 million over the 5 day long weekend ($10.1 million came from the official 3 day weekend). This is impressive, considering this film only went into 876 theatres. However, this film is very front-loaded, and will most likely top out at $45 million, no more than that. This opening makes this the fifth-highest-grossing stand-up comedy movie of all time, and also has outgrossed the main lead’s previous film, Laugh at my Pain, which only brought in $7.71 in it’s entire domestic run. The audience was 55 percent female and 54 percent were 25 years of age or older, and this film was awarded an A CinemaScore.

In third place, dropping from the weekend champ position last week, The Heat dropped 37% to earn $24.8 million. The film has earned $86.3 million domestically yet. Monsters University suffered a tremendous dip this weekend, dropping 57% to $19.7 million. This weekend’s drop was mostly affected by Despicable Me 2 presence, and this film should be able to hold on better over the next few weeks. The film’s current domestic cume sits at $216.3 million, making this the 11th Pixar film to hit $200 million. 5th place went to surprise hit World War Z, which had a small drop this weekend. Holding on well due to good word of mouth, the film just dropped 38% this weekend, for a weekend total of $18.4 million. The film’s current domestic cume sits at an impressive $159 million right now.

Another of last week’s film openings, White House Down, meant to be boosted by Independence Day due to its various similiarities, but was unfortunately unable to do so. The film dropped 46% to $13.5 million. This film is now no longer able to overtake Olympus Has Fallen, making this film a failure, as Olympus has Fallen come from an upstart studio, who spent little on the film’s marketing and budget. This film, even though boasting a well known director and cast, still failed to break out due to its various similarities to the other film. The film’s domestic cume sits at $50.5 million.

Man of Steel is the only other film to have a weekend exceeding $10 million this weekend, dropping 45% to $11.4 million. This film is a success for Warner Bros, and the film has already grossed $271.2 million domestically. This is the End also continued holding well, earning $5.87 million. This represents a 32.5% dip, and with a current domestic cume of $85.67 million, this film is well on it’s way to $100 million. The final film in the top 10 this weekend, Now You See Me, has held on steadily but suffered a big drop this weekend due to huge reductions in amount of theatres showing it. It dipped $49.2% to earn $2.85 million. The film has earned $110.5 million domestically to date.

This weekend last year saw a big superhero film, Amazing Spiderman, as well as a concert film and a R rated Oliver Stone film. The Amazing Spiderman only earned $62.0 million for the 3 day weekend, whereas Savages and Katy Perry: Part of Me both had moderate to small grosses, with $16 million and $7.1 million respectively. Second place stayed on with Ted, which earned $32.2 million for the weekend.

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