July 2013 preview

NOTE: Go to boxofficefrontier.com to check out the latest news! Meanwhile, the updated version of this post is now there either.
With Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger, the first set of wide releases set to be released this month in US, just released barely a day ago, I have decided to post this post, once again a first on my website. As the title of my website suggests, I have decided to focus more on the box office domestically starting from now, and regularly posting up analysis on grosses on films. The Movie Spy, a new component which predicts the gross of movies long before their release, will be launched very soon, so check back soon for it!
As the films featured here will be covered again in the box office predictions releasing a few days before the film’s official release, everything mentioned here will just be in brief. As mentioned previously, this week will see the release of Despicable Me 2, Lone Ranger and Kevin Hart: Let me Explain. Kevin Hart: Let me Explain, only releasing in less than a 1000 theatres, is scaring up an opening in the $18-20 million range, which is incredible. The other two can be seen in the box office forecast, which was released two days ago.
Next week sees the release of Pacific Rim and Grown Ups 2. Pacific Rim has director Guillermo Del Toro, who has a dedicated fan base and has created several examples of great fantasy movies on his belt. Following that, Pacific Rim promises a mix between Godzilla and Transformers, with chaos and destruction along the way. However, the film might suffer from several similarities between those films, which might harm this film slightly. Grown Ups 2 is a anticipated sequel to one of the biggest comedies, which happened to be a surprise hit. The first film earned $162 million in the US, which is a large number, and this film has no excuse to at least come close to that figure.
Turbo launches on 17th July this year, and the film really looks like a snail racing film in the lines of Pixar’s Cars. However, this film is released from a smaller studio, though still famous (DreamWorks), and this summer has seen enough big animated films. This film only releases two weeks after Despicable Me 2, and with the latter about to hold on well over the weeks, this film would sadly be the underperformer.
July 19th sees a larger mass of films jumping into theatres. Red 2 is released by Summit Entertainment, after the first film became a surprise hit. However, this film has to reinvent the wheel to gross around the same, and earn at least $80 million domestically in order to be considered a success, and have another sequel guaranteed. The Conjuring would be the next horror film by James Wan, the guy who always brings you good scares with Insidious and Saw. This time round, it’s based on a true story, and with the trailer bringing in the scares, this film is now gearing up to be a surprise hit of the summer. However, Insidious Chapter 2 releasing 2 months later might limit this film’s viewers, as that film is a more well known film, due to the original film. R.I.P.D continues the buddy cop genre, this time bringing in Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges from the dead. This film really looks a lot like Man in Black, but the latter definitely looks more entertaining. This film would have to capture audiences, after what seems like a record breaking summer. The World’s End is yet another comedy, and brings back the group of people after two previous films together. This film’s trailer has not really been that effective, at least to me, so I don’t find it bringing in much. This is the End was released earlier this summer, and this film should at least do 60% the business.
The Wolverine looks like it will be the next superhero film of summer, this time based on a famous arc, and returns Hugh Jackman in the iconic role. This film’s trailers shows the odds, and tensions, and should at least overtake the previous bad received X-Men Origin: Wolverine with X-Men: First Class’ good will.
The final movie of the month ends the month on a high, with the Smurfs coming back after a well received film. This time round, it looks more like the same, and with the previous film’s gross being unthinkable, this film should at least match the number.
Here are the final predictions for the grosses of each of the film, opening weekend and end cume:
Despicable Me 2- $157 million 5-days- $380 million end gross
The Lone Ranger- $46 million 5-days- $116 million end gross
Kevin Hart: Let me Explain- $19 million 5-days- $51 million end gross
Grown Ups 2- $41 million- $125 million end gross
Pacific Rim- $64 million- $157 million end gross
Turbo- $24 million- $77 million end gross
Red 2- $23 million- $55 million end gross
The Conjuring- $30 million- $62 million end gross
R.I.P.D- $19 million- $46 million end gross
The World’s End- $23 million- $78 million end gross
The Wolverine- $86 million- $221 million end gross
Smurfs 2- $29 million- $94 million end gross
Check back regularly for more updates! Meanwhile, my new website, boxofficefrontier.com, will officially be launched soon, so keep checking back!

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