Box Office Report: The Heat burns White House, Monsters still biggest scarers

This weekend at the US Box Office, Monsters University continues ruling, whereas The Heat becomes one of the greatest comedies released this summer yet. Movies released over the past few weeks impacted White House Down, resulting in it having yet another disappointing start for Sony. This weekend (currently, this might change when the actuals come in) earned an est. $190,554,796, which was less than last year’s pack ($210,047,382). However, thinking about it, last year had a higher profile comedy, and much more new openers on this very weekend.
Monsters University stayed on top for the second weekend in the row, and promises with a great hold. It dropped a mild 45% to $45.6 million. This hold is better than other comparable Pixar films. Toy Story 3 had a drop of 46%, Cars 2 had a drop of 60%, while last year’s Brave had a drop of 49%. However, this hold might not last for long, as Despicable Me 2 promises to pack a punch and take away most of this film’s audiences, when it premieres in US theatres this week. The current 10 day total for the film stands at $170.4 million, and if it continues holding equally well, the film might end off just shy of $300 million (my current bet is $280-290 million).
The Heat
The Heat film database
Originally thought to be in a neck to neck fight with White House Down, the latter ultimately did not leave up to expectations, allowing the Heat to snatch up a large audience. The Heat earned a remarkable $39.1 million. This start is impressive, and is better than star Melissa McCarthy’s previous biggest opening weekend at $34.6 million (Identity Thief, which opened early this year). The director successfully pulled in a large mass of women to his earlier film Bridesmaid, which became popular and when on to earn $169,106,725. This film, however, does not have such a large cast to look out for. However, the director promises this film to be funny, and a buddy-cop comedy with women seems original. This allowed the usually neglected demographic to turn out in force, which made up 65% of the audience. The teaming up of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy also helped pack a punch with their combined star power. As comedies generally hold on well, and as this film was awarded a impressive A- cinemascore, expect this film to hold up well. 67% of those who watched this film were over the age of 25.

World War Z held on well, after great word of mouth, which helped turn the fate over for the zombie apocalyptic film. Originally thought to be a tough sell, and with bad publicity due to its troubled production, the film overcame all obstacles to pitch remarkable opening weekend numbers last weekend. This weekend, it fell 55% to $29.8 million, for a cume of $123.7 million. If the film continues to promise holding on well, the film will ultimate overtake Mr and Mrs. Smith to become Brad Pitt’s highest grossing film to date unadjusted. The film is a hit for Paramount pictures, who is really having a great summer as of now.

White House Down
White House Down film database
Originally thought to be a greatly anticipated film, with a star-studded cast, including its director, well-known for several films including 2012 and The Day after Tomorrow (Independence Day either), this film did not live up to expectations, and only grabbed a unspectacular $24.8 million start. This start is relatively modest, in comparison with the director’s other films, but this film really was smaller in scale altogether. This film was mostly impacted by Olympus has Fallen’s success earlier this year, proving that audience really want something different, and the marketing failed to prove the difference (other than the buddy cop aspect). This film was also affected by World War Z, The Heat and Man of Steel performance over the past couple of weeks. This really is a lost for Sony, who has had a very bad summer to date, and the film might have trouble taking back its $150 million price tag, unless it does well internationally. This film, as a comparison, earned less than the opening weekend of 21 Jump Street, The Vow and Magic Mike, which was released the same weekend last year. This film will definitely not hit $100 million domestically, and has to benefit from its international prospects. The film earned a A- cinemascore, and 51% of the audience was female. 61% of audience was over the age of 25.

The usual things happened below the top 4. Man of Steel grabbed the next place, earning $20.8 million for a current cume of $248.7 million, after a still hard 50% drop. 6th place went to This is the End, which earned $8.7 million after a impressive 35% dip. It’s current gross is $74.7 million. Now You See Me continues it’s stellar run, after being one of the biggest surprise hits of summer. It dipped 29% to $5.6 million. As of now, the film has surpassed the $100 million milestone $104.78 million.

Next weekend, Despicable Me 2 is expected to rule the box office with big numbers, while Lone Ranger will have to take the runner-up spot. More details will be available in the box office forecast, which will arrive later this week, on Wednesday or Thursday. Check back with us again for more information, and tell us what you think about these numbers!

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been packed with other things.


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