Box Office Report: Monsters University and World War Z rules the box office

This weekend at the box office, two new films, along with one holdover, helped push this weekend to become a record June weekend, unadjusted, beating last year’s June 29- July 1 weekend.
Monsters University
Monsters University was the big winner, earning a massive $82.4 million. This number actually makes this film the second highest grossing Pixar opening weekend, just after Toy Story 3 ($110.3 million). This continues Pixar streak of opening their movies at number 1 (all of their films have attained this remarkable achievement), and this opening made this film attain the fifth highest opening weekend in the month of June. The audience was made up of 56% female, and 60% of viewers are under the age of 25. The film received a glowing A cinemascore, which means that the film will have good word of mouth over the next few weeks, at least until the other big animated movie of summer, Despicable Me 2, opens.
world war Z<
World War Z is even more surprising, and surpassed most expectations. The film breezed past all others to become actor Brad Pitt’s highest grossing opening to date, with $66.4 million. This makes the film the second biggest film to open at #2, after The Day after Tomorrow ($68.7 million). Moviegoers seem to be unfazed by the film’s troubled production, including multiple reshoots. World War Z earned a B+ cinemascore, signifying good word of mouth. The audience was made up of 51% female and 67% of moviegoers were 25 years or older.
Man of Steel had a big dip after it's record opening weekend, dropping 65% to $41.3 million. This is bigger than The Dark Knight Rises second weekend drop (61%). The film has grossed $210.1 million, and has overtaken Superman Returns.
This is the End grabbed 4th place at the box office, holding up well to earn $13.3 million. It was a small dip of 36%, and has grossed $58.1 million. Now You See Me, meanwhile, continues it’s remarkable run with small drops, dropping only 29% to earn $7.8 million. This film, one of summer’s biggest surprises, will easily surpass $100 million by next weekend, and currently has $94.5 million in its bank domestically.
Nothing much happened below it, as Fast and Furious 6 grossed $4.9 million this weekend. It has earned $228.6 million to date.

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