SITE UPDATE: New plans, and some additions

There has been new plans to upgrade this site, and some of these are really exciting. We are currently trying to fix a few problems on the new site, but until then, regular posts will appear here. Meanwhile, there has been a couple of new posts that we have recently posted, namely Sequel Watch, Release Date Watch and MPAA Rating Watch. Also, we will combine different trailers into one post form now onwards, and the post will be named “Trailer Watch”. Some exciting upcoming plans including rankings of different celebrities and genres (we are working on it, expect it to come by end of next month. Meanwhile, we will be working on 2 movies per day in our movie database (yesterday, it was Great Gatsby and World War Z, today it will be White House Down and Monsters University). We really do have a lot of movie reviews long due on this website, but we will write them really soon, so keep checking back! This ends our really short post, and please remember to like our FB Page and to follow this website, as we continue bringing you more. Feel free to participate in our poll, and if you have anything you would like us to write, just leave us your message at We will get back to you really soon about it! To head to our movie database, just click on either the Box Office Data on Film Database pages at the top and the rest will be done after clicking on the respective links. Check back later, as we bring you the box office forecast!

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