Man of Steel rises, This is the End has great start

man of steel
The big winner of this weekend must be so obvious that we do not have to mention it. Yeah, it is MAN OF STEEL!!! Man of Steel sweeped all other films out of first place, and has a dominant $128.7 million, including Thursday preview shows. This is an impressive figure, considering that Man of Steel broke the record of highest grossing opening of all time in June, beating Toy Story 3’s previous $110 million. The sequel for this film is already being fast-tracked, and rumours going around mention this film being released as early as next year. What makes this film’s gross even better, is how well it holds from Saturday to Sunday. The film actually earned $36.3 million on both days. Audience was made up of 56% men, and 41% of the audience watched it in 3D, while 12% of audiences watch it in IMAX. The audiences rewarded it with a glowing A- cinemascore, with signifies good holding power.
The rest of the films were relatively modest, compared to the superhero film’s size. This is the End, the other wide opener of the week, opened early on Wednesday, earning $12.3 million from Wednesday to Thursday, while grossing $20.7 million for the weekend. It was a stellar start to this film. The audience comprised of 60% male and 48% of viewers are below 25. They gave the film a B+ score. Its strong rating right now on rottentomatoes should really push this film to have good word of mouth over the next two weeks, at least until The Heat opens.
Now You See Me stayed in the top 3 for the third weekend in the row, thanks to glowing word of mouth. The surprise hit, from Summit Entertainment, had the best hold among the top 12, and dipped 42% to $11.7 million. Its current total stands at $80.7 million. Look out for this film, as it will now hit $100 million domestically.
Fourth place went to Fast and Furious 6. It brought in $9.6 million this weekend, bringing its total to a whopping $219.7 million. That total is more than the previous high. The Purge, meanwhile, suffered a tremendous drop, dropping a large 76% to $8.3 million. It has earned $52 million to date. The other opener last weekend, The Internship, also had a miserable drop in genre standards, only snatching up $7.1 million for a domestic total of $30.9 million, representing a 60% drop. It isn’t really that great to be a intern for Google anymore, is it?
Epic took 7th place, with $6 million. The film has grossed $95.4 million to date, and is still set to be Blue Sky’s lowest grossing film to date.

This weekend last year was a miserable summer weekend at the box office. Rock of Ages and That’s my Boy both bombed, and leaving the holdovers to fend for themselves. They only brought in $120 million, and with a tremendous superhero film this weekend, it was all but set to overtake last year’s quiet weekend.

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