Superman soars up high, This is the End promising

Happy Father’s Day anyway!
The box office estimates are here, and it will be updated tomorrow with the rest of the figures. Meanwhile, here we have a brief analysis on the two new films in wide release:
Man of Steel, despite disappointing reviews, overperformed to earn the title of record opening weekend, beating Toy Story 3 with $113.08 million. It will be even better if you take into account the 7pm shows on Thursday. If included, the film would earn a remarkable $125.08 million. With a strong A- cinemascore, expect this film to hold up well over the next few weeks, even with strong films opening.
This is the End continued its remarkable run, earning $20.05 million over the 3 day weekend. This number was muted slightly as the film opened earlier on a Wednesday. Through 5 days, the film has grabbed $32.81 million. Its B+ cinemascore should allow the film to carry about strong word of mouth over the next week or two, at least until The Heat opens and grab the viewers away.
You can check out the Man of Steel database here and the review, which was posted earlier today, here.


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