Now You See Me- Movie Review

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Movie Review: Now You See Me
Now You See Me Movie Database
Now You See Me:
Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman Mélanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Produced by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Bobby Cohen
Duration: 115 min
Check out the movie trailer for the film before reading the review:

Film Summary:
This would be the year’s second film which is in the magic genre, after Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The difference? Large. This show really goes into the heist genre, while embracing the movie tagline strongly: The closer you look, the less’ll see. I guess that tagline really is true, as there is quite a number of twists in the show, though some are to unexpected to be true. With a star-studded cast which includes the likes of veterans in the movie industry (Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman) and quite a few who became known quite recently like Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network), this film really should have been much better. However, this film is really a much better film than Incredible Burt Wonderstone (lack of humour could be a reason for that one), and shows that Summit really can produce good movies outside of the Twilight films. Throughout the film, there has been certain noticeable attempts to provide twists, and though most have been successful, there has also been a few which have been unclear or unrealistic (I found that the person behind the whole mind-boggling invention unrealistic, you should watch the film to find out who he is). The show really tries to provide some sense of humour, but largely fails. I wouldn’t call the introduction bad, it really builds up, while concealing the identity of the man in the windbreaker. It shows the four horseman before this “project”. The one particular question I would have for the director would be- Why them and not someone else? Right after, the team go on to run from the FBI, meanwhile always staying a step ahead of them. However, it is unrealistic to believe that the four horseman could always escape, and still pull out the performances, as it wouldn’t be plausible. However, the show is still kept at a appropriate pace, though in this film, the director made the FBI look stupid. The climax looked a little anti-climatic, but the thrill was rather spread out (there was not one noticeable moment). The storyline left a few more questions at the end unanswered, though I wouldn’t reveal it here (I am trying to avoid spoilers). The character development wasn’t great, as the story decided to focus more on the performances as well as the action scenes. Basically, the show tried to show the abilities of the different horsemans, which is still some effort nonetheless. The VFX and production design for the film was quite a nice touch for such a genre. I believe that if the director could have spent more time trying to put more conflicts in the show, or create a big chase at the climax (a clue (SPOILER ALERT!!!): The horseman just ran away free, without the FBI even noticing). Also, there could have been a little bit more focus put on the point of view. The show just zoomed and changed perspectives from the FBI and the 4 horseman, and really, the show was focusing too much FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) The music was OK. The acting was OK for some, but really the actors could have played with more emotions, as the face was “emotionless” in some instances. Other than the twists and the heist (the magic for some people), the show would not really be that great. However, for viewers, expect a fun yet thrilling ride, and expect to come out knowing that this show is really worth it.
Yet another enjoyable film, both fun and thrilling, thanks to the storyline.
Here is the breakdown of marks:
Intro– 7/10
Build Up– 8/10
Climax– 3/10
MUSIC– 6/10
ACTING– 3/10
BONUS– 3/5
TOTAL: 55%


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