Fast and Furious stays ahead, Now You See Me magically takes 2nd place

fast and furious 6
This weekend was a surprising one, with 2 new films performing against estimates, and both failing to drifts ahead of Fast and Furious 6.
Fast and Furious 6 maintained its lead in first place, which was not really a surprise, and plummeted 64% to $35.2 million. Despite being lower than expected, its drop was in line with the previous film. Up till now, the film has attained a strong $171 million dollars, and will end its box office run with around $230 million.
Now You See Me impressed people, overperforming to a large extent. Originally not intended to hit $20 million, it beat all industry forecasts, and earned a remarkable $29.3 million. This film is officially a success for Summit, and has also ended the trend of films involving magic performing badly at the box office (take The Incredible Burt Wonderstone as an example). This film has also become the studio’s highest grossing opening for a non-Twilight film. Now You See Me’s audience was made up of 51% female, and 52% of the audience was under the age of 30. This film received an A- Cinemascore, which signifies good word of mouth over the coming weeks. Expect this film to hold up well over the coming weeks.
After Earth was the big loser this weekend, underperforming and earning only a lacklustre $27.5 million. The film was widely specculated to hit at least $30 million, but sour reviews really took its toll. This film, starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith,is right now performing in line with flops like John Carter and Battleship. This film would have to make up for its gross overseas, where Will Smith is still a much bigger star than in the US. The audience for the film was made up of 51% male and 60% of audience was over the age of 25, who gave the show a B cinemascore.This film will most likely be shrouded by bigger blockbuster films, like Man of Steel over the coming weeks.
Star Trek Into Darkness is still enjoying good holds,earning $16.8 million after a 55% drop.This film will not earn as much as its predecessor, but regaining so much of the previous film’s viewers really makes this film a success. The film has $181.5 million in its cashbank domestically so far.
Epic, the animated film from Blue Sky Animation, earned $16.6 million after a 50% drop, and will end its run being the lowest grossing film from the studio thus far. It has only earned $65.2 million thus far.
In sixth place, The Hangover part III is dropping fast. This weekend, it earned $16.4 million, which is a 61% from last week. It has only earned $88.5 million, which is trailing the predecessor by more than half.
Iron man 3 dropped to 7th place with $8 million dollars and $384.8 million thus far. Its worldwide cume right now is $1.18 billion.
The weekend as a hold was up 16% over last year, when Snow White and the Huntsman opened June with $56.2 million. The box office should continue to stay healthy over June, with films like Man of Steel and Monsters University already aiming to become big hits.

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